Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Blues.

It's certainly been a Monday. I am still at work, as this is a long day, and it has just been a Monday. Gloomy, dark, wet, but not rainy. I got here this morning and H called shortly after, no car keys to be found, could they be in my vehicle? Yes, of course they were. So I drove back home and delivered them, he was really upset, I could tell. It wasn't that big of a deal, an easily fixed problem, but I could tell he was mad. Unusual for him. I worry about him sometimes, he acts out of character recently. He has the lumbar puncture next Tuesday, I hope all they find is okay. I have accomplished little, typical first of the week bullshit, putting out fires here and there. At least were all present and accounted for, although I am at the end of my rope with a certain manager. He is too old to do his job, and tired and grouchy, and why shouldn't he be, he was just 71 years old! I cannot touch him, the owner and he are old friends, and he can be here as long as he wants, but it is hurting the business, and the owner it too blind on this subject to see it. I am all for friendship, however, it's really affecting morale as well as the bottom line. I could do anything else here that i wanted, but that certain person is off limits. It wouldn't be easy for me, I worry that if I were to let him go, he would be the kind of man that would die, so many seem to retire and just waste away. But, come on, this is affecting a lot of people, not to mention making my ulcer worse. In any event, this has been a Monday. Hopefully, I can look forward to a quieter Tuesday. Tomorrow is election day, go vote! Later.

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