Monday, November 06, 2006

Inmates running the Asylum?

Back to work. YUCK. I am not in the mood, what in the world is happening to me? Maybe I am getting lazy in my old age. I have been thinking about not going back in today since i woke up. That is not like me, I always have been ready and willing to go to my job. I think I have just become burned out. I have been doing this (and so many other jobs) for so long, that i am permanently tired. I have had a few good days off, although things have been messed up and not the norm at all. I did manage to do some cleaning(although there is always more to do), I read a book, we went out alot, I helped my kids through a major crisis, I walked a couple of times, cooked and baked, did laundry, hmmm....that sounds like a lot. I didn't do too much of anything yesterday, pretty much laid on my butt all day and watched the race. Tony won, by the way. So it has been a good few days, and while I know I will go to work today, for the record, I DON'T WANT TO. There. I have things that I have to get done today, plus, I can't let the inmates run the asylum, and I know that's what is happening. Too much of that, and I will have mutiny on my hands. Hope your day is really good!

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