Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just like Ferris Bueller

Okay, so now I'm irritated. I already wrote this post, and mighty fine one, I might add, and it went away. I hit the publish button, and poof-gone! Lost in cyberspace, never to be seen. Damn. ANYWAY-

I am NOT working today. Or tomorrow or Saturday. How wonderful! I am caught up, at least for now, and am going to take a few days, just for me. Right-I'll let you know how that comes out. Things rarely seem to work that way.

I am sad this morning, a close neighbor (across the street) and good friend of my sons was killed yesterday in a car accident. He was 21. He was ALWAYS in trouble with the law, drugs, drinking, etc. I really thought he would end up in prison, not dead. Apparently he was driving home from his GF's house early in the morning, and lost control of the car. Ironically, he was neither drunk or high. Life is cruel sometimes. I think that is every mother's nightmare, getting that knock on the door, police outside. YS took the news quite hard, there is nothing that can be done to make any of it better. My heart goes out to his family and his many, many friends. You couldn't help but like the kid, he had a good heart, just very little training and little family support. I don't know his mother, but I have been told that she is a good mom, and I am sad for her. I will send money, I assume there will be a memorial fund, as I think that paying could be a strain for them. The whole thing sucks.

I had dinner with my mom last night, she was actually able to go out! A new pill, I pray that it continues to help her, she was even laughing a little. I talked to my youngest sister on the phone, and I got the same old song and dance from her-no money-out of test strips and the paraphernalia that she needs for her diabetes. Her H works, and makes more than $25 and hour! She is unable to work, but she makes a good amount in disability. I don't understand how a 36 year old hasn't figured this shit out yet. I sent $$ for my mom to take to her today, I was too mad to take it myself. If she didn't have kids, I swear I wouldn't care, okay so that's not true, but it really does make me mad. I can't tell you how many times I have helped her out-hell she is living in my house because I had to buy it before they were foreclosed on and thrown in the street-so she rents it back from me. I think I have done enough. I get so tired of people expecting so much. What the hell, it's only money. It only matters when you don't have any.

Well, I'm off to start my day, cleaning and puttering. I am looking forward to it. Hope your day is great, also! Later.

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Have a happy few days off!