Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday ramblings...

Yesterday was long, and it was a different day - it seems that it went on forever. We were busy from morning 'til night. The funeral was as expected for the boys, it sucked. YS was a mess when he got home. I realized that having something to do for the rest of the day would help, and earlier in the week, before any of this happened, we had plans to go to dinner last evening. YS and entourage left for their home city, and we agreed to meet up there for dinner in the early evening. OS planned to come along with H and I, as he was staying her for another night. So we went shopping and had dinner in the big city, it was fun, there were seven of us for dinner, YS and GF brought along her sister and boyfriend. I think it helped to divert every ones attention away from the tragedy at hand. Not that it changed anything, but sometimes having normal events in the middle of terrible ones can balance out the feelings.

My side is still killing me, whatever is wrong with it is not better, although the pain seems to move around in there, sometimes in my back, sometimes in my side. Last evening, I laughed so hard that I thought I was going to split it wide open, OS and H really, really are very funny. I laughed until I couldn't get my breath.

Today is going to be a beautiful day - temperatures in the sixties. Not too many of those left, it will soon be winter, a season I hate. I want to get out and take a walk, although I really am tired today, we were out quite late. In fact, it's well after ten am, and no one has stirred except me. I haven't even seen Crazy dog this morning. My race is also on today, only two more after this one. Whatever will I do with my Sundays when the season is over? It doesn't start up again until February, and that time period seems very long.

We went to the mall and various stores yesterday, Christmas music playing loudly, it's too damned early for that. I am completely uninspired about the holidays this year, we all have way too much already, and the gift buying and giving is beginning to feel almost grotesque. I would like it all to just go away this year. We are not going to have alot of money this Christmas, as H is going to be temporarily unemployed for four months through the winter. I have to buy a new Christmas tree, even, ours finally expired last year. Yuck.

I guess I will get my day going, I am actually quite late with that---hope your day is great!

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