Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday - Jackass Day?

Funny how timing in life works out --- I just wrote that wonderful post about my husband, and how special our relationship is, how normal----and today, I hate him. He's a jackass. Having said that, I think that's probably normal, too. Geesh. D called last night, hysterical, I was asleep, and she scared the living shit right out of me. I thought something horrible had happened-and to her, it had. Upon arriving home from work, she got divorce papers in the mail. I would have thought that would have been expected, but no---apparently, she still had hope. I used to, but now I am beginning to believe good riddance-he has been a complete jerk to her. Complete. I tried to say all the right things, I don't know if I did, I DO know that I believed what I said. In any event, she is calmer today. I have to help her find (and pay for) an attorney. You know, I will always do what I can. She had a trip planned to Cancun-with several of her friends, that also went to hell yesterday. This morning she wants to know if I want to take a trip to Vegas with her, next week. I say, why not? I can't afford it, but I can, if that makes sense. I don't know, I will think about it. I feel better today - stronger, but still in pain. I am at work, for the time being. We will see how long i can be here. Hope your day is good, and mine improves. Later!

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