Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday after.

The Friday after....I survived, I hope everyone did. Thanksgiving with my family is quite an affair, I leave there being grateful for the quiet and solitude of my own place, my own life. It was a good day, although I found myself feeling really bad, physically. My mom was in pretty good shape, my sister was an hour and a half late as usual. Dinner was great-I really didn't over eat, though. With a big meal like that, by the time it's on the table, I am so tired of messing with it that it really doesn't appeal to me. The day went fast, both of my sons showed up and that made me happy. D worked all day, her way of dealing with the first holiday alone, I'm sure. She was missed. Sons came home and stayed awhile - I enjoyed having them here. Os stayed over, Ys and Gf left later. Ys is having problems again, I have to get him into the dr for an anti-depressant again. It seems he has trouble this time of year. I hope to get him back on an even line. I worry, but i am trying not to freak out about it. I am getting excited to get out of dodge, this weekend should be fun. It seems to be my time of the month, so there goes the "FUN" for the weekend. Damn damn damn. I never know when that will happen anymore, but the timing is always at the MOST inappropriate times. Shit. I will be glad when this day is over, I am really tired this morning, an late already. Hope your day after is great! Me, I have to go to work. More later.

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