Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A lesson in GLUTTONY

We are back - it was a good time, a REALLY good time, but Las Vegas is a lesson in gluttony-too much food, too much alcohol, too much gambling. I am MORE than happy to be back home in my house, with all my things right where they should be. The kids had a good time, too. They lost their ass, however. A good lesson for them-gambling can take over your life, your future. Especially when you mix it with alcohol. We spent money we didn't really have, it will take a while to dig out of this hole. Was it worth it? It never is in retrospect. But I am glad that we went. Traveling, however - that is rough for me. I can do without flying, I am not good at it. A couple of Valium made it bearable for me. I do not like anything about it. No control of any kind involved in it-all the decisions are made for me. That has always been my downfall-and at this late stage in life, (mid 40's, not the 80's like I have made it sound), I'm not going to be any different. Airports are stressful places, airplanes feel like prison cells, too many people right in your face. The trip out was better in that respect, first class DOES give you more room, and all the drinks you want for free, but the dress requirement for non-rev first class flyers is a pain in the ass, at least for me. I am quite grateful for the opportunities that having two of my kids work for American Airlines have offered me, but really, if I can't get there by ground, MY OWN CAR, then I would rather not go. I am not good at "stand by"-I am and always have been a planner. I really do appreciate all the perks, but it will be awhile before i do this again. All in all, the whole affair was well worth it, but I am happy to be back. It has been years since i have spent that many days with D, and that part was good, although I had forgotten how moody she can be. She always was that way growing up, but I really had forgotten. She and YS are both naturally moody-like their dad. They can just wake up pissy for no apparent reason. OS is not that way, neither am I. Oh, I can get pissy, but generally I have a reason. H and I had a wonderful time together, in spite of a couple of obstacles - wink wink. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Best left there, teehee. I am tired today, really happy that I don't go back to work until tomorrow. We are going to put up the Christmas tree today - and we have to go pick up Crazydog-we miss her-we've had alot of crazy the past few days, but the crazy of the dog variety is different. Hope your day is wonderful - more later.

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