Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tuesday determinaton and ramblings

It's early and I am still sleepy. Waking up is no longer easy for me-that is funny because it has never been a problem. I think I am a little old to begin to have issues getting my ass out of bed. I am DETERMINED to get alot of work not only started but finished today---that will be a bit of a challenge as YS's GF comes in today to work, and I can't usually get too much done while she is there. She always makes me laugh, it's hard to concentrate. But today I have to- I want to finish so many things before i take the few days off for the upcoming trip. Os was in yesterday, as was H a couple of times, Owners GF was in and she loves to come in to talk to me, plus-it was her Bday, and I totally spaced it off, so did Owner, I had to leave work and shop for gifts and cards from he and I, I am so grateful that I remembered at all, he should be too. Thanksgiving is only two days away, there are so many things that I am grateful for this year, and a few that have left me wondering what the overall plan is in my life, and the lives of those that matter to me. I honestly didn't think that my mother would be here for another holiday season, and she is not only here, but doing pretty well for someone with her problems. My kids are all doing relatively well, two of them aren't so happy, but i keep praying that they will be. I could go an, and will, soon. In the meantime, I think I should get with it, tired or not. I am starting to get a little excited about the journey to Vegas this weekend---although I really HATE to fly. Which is really too bad since I could fly anywhere I want to for nearly nothing - anytime. I haven't been on a plane since 2003 when i went to the Superbowl in San Diego. I just drank alot of Bloody Mary's on the plane, and I survived. But I am uncomfortable the whole time I am stuck on that flying bus-crowds of people in your face, rules about when to sit when to stand, no smoking, and I can't just walk over to the door and leave if I feel like it. I think that's the problem-I HATE for anyone to tell me what i can do and when I can do it. I know that everyone thinks they have a problem with that, but I am telling you I REALLY have a problem with anyone who thinks they can tell ME what a when I can do something. So there it is. There is the whole security issue, passing through the metal detector-can I wear a damned bra with under wire or not? And I literally would have a stroke if I was searched. Ahh, bloody Mary's, brown bottles, at least we are flying first class, the alcohol is free. Talk later!

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