Saturday, October 14, 2006

Chow senility

Crazy dog certainly is getting out of hand. I am sitting here at the puter, listening to her bark, she's been outside for about 10 mins, wouldn't settle until I let her out. Crying to go out at 2:30 this morning, as soon as I put her out, she barks to come in. She has never been quite right, but it's really getting bad. What do you do with a senile dog? Is there medication for it? I cannot cook ANYTHING with her in the house, she starts shaking and tries to climb the walls when I get a pan out of the cabinet. I have never been able to run the dishwasher with her in the house. Ours has been the only house where a sentence like this was uttered: "I need to run the dishwasher but I can't because it's raining" She is a beautiful, sweet Chow (most of the time) and as I said, she has never been right. But it's been okay, manageable until recently. We have tried to put her on medications that are supposed to calm her down, but they only knocked her out, and that is no way for anyone or anything to live. In any event, she keeps things rocking around here. She is going to be 12 next month, I understand that is pretty old for her breed. I dread the day that we lose her, H will never get over it. After losing Snowman last year, I think that would be the final blow for him. Me too.

It's Saturday, this medication is making me feel really tired and I'm not so sure it's improving my mood any. Could be the wrong one for me, that's what i hate about medications. It can take so long to find the right one. I will stick with it until the first of the week and see how it goes until then. I slept most of the evening last night, then all night---on a Friday. Couldn't have gone out if I wanted to. Not right for me. I guess I'd better get with it if I'm going to go to work--don't really want to today. But I suppose I will---have a good day.

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