Sunday, October 15, 2006

Too Much Excitement

Sunday, again. It has been a good week, but a hard one, but don't I always say that? I wish I could day the new miracle pill was doing that, working miracles, but I think I will have the call the dr again, and try another one. It is making me so damned tired, lay down and sleep for hours tired, and I have never been like that. I can't tell if my general outlook is any better, and for that reason I say it probably isn't. H's general outlook is pretty rotten these past few days, maybe he needs a miracle pill? He is ultra-crabby, not his nature, but it really is beginning to piss me off. I have asked and asked what the prob is, but he says nothing. Probably a good thing he has to work today----what I will do today is the question. I would like to lay back down and go back to sleep, but I can't, it just doesn't seem right. I will watch the race, I recorded it on the dvr since it ran last night, and so far no one has told me who won. I never know what to do with my Sundays without a race, and their are only 5 more to go, then what the hell will I do? H will be off on Sunday beginning the end of the month, I will be glad about that if his mood improves. We have so much to do in this house, it will have to wait until then. I cannot really do any of it- without him. I could clean out all the closets, that job will be left to me, I just don't know what I will do with any of it, and that's a problem. Oh, the fun things I have to look forward to--I'd best get on with my exciting life!

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