Friday, July 19, 2013

If the third time is so effing charming, am I to assume that one and two sucked you know what?

"THIS is why we don't have nice things."   This line is a joke around our house, thanks to daughter numero uno and company - a cute story from years back, and oh-so-fitting in my life. Why do I bring that up this Friday morning? Because for the second time in a week, one of the furry felines that reside here have broken a major thing of beauty in this apartment. If I own it and I really, really love it -- I can count on it being broken. I mean I can count on it.This morning, it was one of the living room lamps, a really, really heavy item, made of some kind of metal - the whole lighting part where the bulb goes is smashed to smithereens, and of course the bulb blew everywhere. The yellow kitty, the one we call TONKA (his name fits, am I right?), went flying through the underside of the end table, taking the cord attached to the lamp with him, and all hell broke loose from there. I am lucky this happened while Mark was still getting ready for work, it would have been impossible to clean that mess up alone. So, after nearly vacuuming the entire place, things have been put back to rights, minus one major lamp, of course. Last week, it was the last remaining Scentsy pot, broken in many pieces. It was not repairable. Fortunately, Mark will be able to fix the lamp that was broken this morning. The lampshade will never look the same, but if you look closely at any of the lampshades in this place, you will see that all of them have hit the floor at one time or another. The kitties are not the only guilty parties around here. I have a grandson that has bad luck when it comes to grandmas pretty things. He has been doing better recently, but for a while there, he was on quite a streak of bad luck. I have a bad memory so I cannot tell you what has been destroyed, I just remember being sad that I lost this thing or that. I do try to buy things that are different and unusual so replacing many of my things is impossible.I do remember losing a stand-tall on the floor sort of wood sculpture, loosely resembling a giraffe that I loved very much. I bought it at Pier One so it could have been replaced but it was no longer in stock, at the store or online. Brodie did the final damage to it, but Mark had already left his mark (pun intended) on it, when we were moving. (When Brodie broke something he was always so sorry and sad that I felt mostly bad for him, never mind what he broke) The funny thing about Mark is, he never, ever breaks anything that is his. He only breaks my stuff. That makes you think, doesn't it? Hmmm... So anyway, I lived my early adult life never having much because my kids were murder on stuff. Now, it's kitties, husband, and grand kids. Am I the only one who has this problem?

It's Friday again. Damn if they don't just keep coming around...

I am listening to Bruno Mars, Let It Rain. Love it, Love it.

The weather has been so ugly for the past couple of weeks. It is summer so I know that it is supposed to be hot, but the humidity has been unbearable, so I have not been getting out and about the way I want to. My own health troubles have not been very conducive anyway. I went through a couple of really good weeks, and I got used to it. Now, I am back to normal and I struggle to do anything. I am forcing myself to do some things, anyway. I take the garbage all the way to the chute, and that is quite a long walk. I am getting the mail now, I took the key from Mark. That is a long way, too. If I need to get to the car, that requires a long walk, as well. I have been out walking, several times. So, I am doing better. I have also shrunk another inch. I am now 5'3". I was and have always been 5'8", since I was thirteen years old.I can't help but wonder if all the walking and activity is making my spine worse. I would ask my docs, but they won't know, because they don't know how or why this is happening in the first place. I asked my neurologist if walking was okay, and he told me it was----so I keep doing it. I just don't know if it's helping or hurting. I do know that I am making NO headway in the weightloss area. I was doing great, then the lymphedema in my left leg and abdomen started up again, so hell--- who knows if I am helping myself or hurting? It is EXTREMELY disconcerting when I am killing myself to look better, only to wake one morning and be one size bigger and seven pounds heavier just overnight. I cannot tell what is real, what is water. I am on the edge of giving up altogether. I can wear cute jeans on one day, the next, I can't get them over my knees.That is a real and true WTF, people.

I have fallen a couple of times in the past week. That hasn't happened in a while, but it really blows. I am standing, then I am just --- not. Adults are not supposed to fall, you know? When we are kids, we fall all the time. We know it, we are used to it, our bones and bodies recover easily. As adults, it's just not that easy. I am afraid of falling in public. Especially when I am alone. OMGosh, I think I would just die of embarrassment, let alone of the actual pain. I am a bit leery of getting out by myself, for that reason. I already do enough to embarrass myself, Ugh. You know - when I read this stuff, this stuff I write, what goes through my head is what kind of dignity can I actually have left? Do you all wonder that, too? I mean, come ON. I am old. I am fat. I am shrinking, big time. I walk with a major lean to the left. I limp. And I worry about embarrassing myself? Do you think I could actually be any more embarrassed? Apparently so. Good hell.

So,this is enough random for today. Enough complaining, for sure. I hope you all have a great day. Listen to some Bruno Mars, and think of me. I'm outta here.  :)


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

I hear you, I feel your pain. If we live long enough and have kids, pets, husbands ....WE know what it's all about.
Enjoyed your post. Thanks for taking of your time to write and share. (((hugs)))

Juli said...

I am the most uncoordinated person I know. I fall all the time. So much that sometimes people (who know better) ask jokingly if I've been drinking.

Maybe if I did drink my balance would be better. :)

Leann said...

I fall all the time. It's in my genetic makeup. Passed down from female to female. I've gotten used to it. the only thing that saves me is I never see it coming. Otherwise I just might HURT myself!!!!

SOUL said...

Sounds like 'can't have nuthin ' syndrome. ;((.
Get UP J ... Write one sentence a day... ;)). And i will too. Game on ?

SOUL said...

By the way... I remember that giraffe. Sorry bout his luck. And yours. But yeh... It's always my stuff here too. Seems a curse at times, but i quit claiming that, and just try to move forward. Running in place... Ummmmm, lying in wait... Takes us nowhere. I'm pulling for ya ! All the time and all the way. I pray for you to get the answers and the healing that you need.
Until then, love those babies... Big, small, and/ or furry... You are so blessed to have them
Big hugs to you j j

SOUL said...
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SOUL said...

Still waitin for a post. :)). I'm gonna start harrassing you if you don't write 'somethin'
'Song of the day' ? A haiku '. ?

SOUL said...

And so it begins ... :))

SOUL The Chew said...

tick tock - tick tock :))
we all live in a yellow submarine