Friday, July 15, 2011

Fuh Fuh Fuh-RIDAY! WOO HOO! I love me some FRIDAY. Especially after a particularly long, rough week like this one. Oh yeah...this one has been difficult.

My poor grandson, who is two, now has a cast on his left arm, nearly up to his armpit. Nope -- he didn't break any bones, he cut off the end of his ring finger. It was awful...put it in the door, between the heavy wood and the poor Janelle, she about had a heart attack...with good reason. The end of his little finger hanging by a thread, blood everywhere, she was trying to hold on to Zach and get out the door for a doctor appointment, as little Zach was still pulling at his ears. Life is difficult with two little ones, and when one of them is as rough and tumble as Brodie is, well --- it's going to be a bit more difficult. I went to the hospital to take Zach off their hands as Brodie was having surgery to re-attach the finger, heaven knows we are lucky to have Blank Children's Hospital here, I love that place, they once saved the life of my youngest, and they still are just as wonderful and on top of things today. They brought in a hand surgeon...once the reattachment "takes", his finger should be good as new. So that is the reason for the heavy plaster cast, the finger can't be moved or jostled has to have at least a week or two of immobility, so that the finger can grow back together. The pic is later (way later) that evening, as you all can see, it has not hurt his spirit too much, especially once he discovered that the heavy plaster on his left arm makes a great weapon...oh poor Pootie and Zach, watch out for Brodie the next couple of weeks. So, anyway, that was heartbreaking, to see my poor baby cry and bleed and hurt and not understand WHY the staff kept poking and poking and poking and  digging when they couldn't hit the little vein with the IV. Life is hard for the little ones sometimes, harder still for Mom and Grandma. Blenheim. I used to say that my kids would be the death of me, and I often still feel that way, now I suppose my grand kids will take that place in my life.

Also, I have been hit by one of those "scammers", you know the ones, that send you a giant check for a product, and I am supposed to deposit the check and take what is mine and send the rest back to them from my own checking account. UM HUH, thank you Avon, for that great lead. I'll not be doing any such thing, but I have to say, the several thousand dollar check that you sent to me sure does look real. Good hell.

Physically, I am in poor shape, my damned ulcer is back at it, after several years of quiet. Too many meds and too much stress I say.

Happy Friday. I am ready for a weekend, how about you all?


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Sorry about your grandson and also about your ulcer, hope both progresses well.
I am always getting scam post and get all excited then realise what it really is.What alot of money is wasted on postage.

Have a lovely week-end.
Take care.

Kristy said...

Hope the little one heals quickly as that would be so scary. I hope your ulcer gets better also and you can heal also

Beau's Mom said...

Scammed is one thing. Having your entire life HACKED is another and I'm finally free of the tune of $2,000 and a new gift: paranoia.

Lucky that you had a fine hospital near-by. Since we moved, Joe and I have spent many a day trying to find a hospital in this area that is closer than death.

On the Road Again said...

Oh your poor grandbaby, isn't it amazing how resilient kids are. Sorry your ulcer is acting up, hope it calms down. Enjoy your weekend.

Janie Fox said...

Oh that poor baby. Worse yet, his mother during all that. I hope you get better soon. Why do I complain about no sleep b/c of menopause...I could be in pain. Feel better soon my friend!

Leann said...

Poor little guy. I hope he heals well and quickly :-) Hang in there Grandma!!!

Blessings and hugs my dear.