Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday, finally Friday.

The oneth of the month. A big day on the j-o-b. Not much in the mood. My worst friend that won't leave me alone, (pain), has been particularly clingy this week. Especially after wearing those "tone up" shoes that every athletic shoe company has jumped on the bandwagon and begun making. If you have any kind of back trouble, my advice is: Don't. This is day two of the residual effects. Yesterday, I contemplated jumping, realized I would only hurt myself further, went back inside. That's alot of responsibility for one pair of shoes.

In other news: apartment hunting, taking drugs, making salads and doing my damnedest not to drop them, cutting watermelons and cleaning my messes, loving kitties, working my job, talking to sisters, attempting to take care of my most awesomest grandsons, attempting to fix the problems of the universe, oh--wait, just the problems of  my children. Feeling put-out, drugged-out, pained-out, tired, oh so tired, and fed up. Happy Freakin' Friday.
Oh -- and this is Mr. Serious Zacharoo. :)

I'm gone.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Hope this finds you feeling a bit better,
Have a good day,.

On the Road Again said...

hope you feel better soon, a hug from that cutie will probably help a lot.

Mary said...

Your last paragraph above pretty well speaks for me.

I've been a busy mess. If Blogger will co-operate, I'll post this weekend.

I read everyday but have a problem commenting. Hope this one gets through.

I was soooooo happy to hear that you two are going to be a couple again. It makes me smile.

Luv to you

Coffeypot said...

I don’t doubt the shoes hurt your back. You can’t pay attention to advertising on TV. Like, I almost bout a box of Tampax because the TV said I could ride horses, swim and play sports if I used them. Then I found out they had to be inserted and the only place I have is out of the question. I’ll just stay home and watch TV.

Leann said...

The shoes take time to get used to and will make your muscles hurt. They have to stretch and re-adjust to where they are suppose to be. Just sayin' :-) I truly hope you are able to join Jules and I in September. It is going to be awesome and I would love to share it with you. Please don't let the pain stop you from being with us. We understand and love you anyway :-)
Take care sister!! Enjoy the babies on this extended weekend.