Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wah Wah Wednesday

Life in my little corner of this world has been up and down. Mostly down, and not necessarily my own doing. I lean toward the school of Life is What YOU Make It...but sometimes not all things can be controlled by us. I am trying to roll along with it, in spite of things that sting.

It is Wednesday, so far my week has been very busy. The old month is behind me, and I am one bonus pay schedule from having it all put away. A piece of cake for this morning, and May will be front and center. April was a lucrative, busy month. I have high hopes for this month, too.

I have spent my down time reading and sleeping and enjoying. Mostly sleeping, although that feels really wrong. Medications play a huge roll in this, and oh how I wish I could back off from them, instead of run to them in the evenings. I am enjoying my new (old) computer as well as the notebook style little puter I ordered and received a couple of days ago. Thursday, hopefully, all the technical crap will be wrapped up as my stellar computer friend will be here to finish the routing and re-routing of it all. That was supposed to happen last evening, but the clash of schedules got in the way and required a new date.

I am soon embarking on a new position of becoming an AVON lady. I KNOW! I can't imagine it either, but the Avon I remember is not the Avon of today. I am finding that I love many, many of their products and spending way too much money in the process, so I may as well sell it, if only to myself. I am learning now - but soon will have availability to all of it, so should you find an Avon void in your life, do let me know.  :)  Soon, I will have a web page to make ordering easier, and I will keep you all posted on that.

I do believe that Spring has actually, finally sprung around here. It is still pretty cool, a coat or jacket required but there has been sunshine the past few days, in a row, even!

Just for fun I am reposting a most awesome picture of my TWO YEARS OLD TODAY Brodie, on the day he met the Chef ---- Boy Ardee, of course. You just can't help but smile when you see it:

Happy Birthday my little Brodie ---- (Today is the day, but Saturday is the party).  LOVE LOVE LOVE you!

And a Happy Hump Day to you all!!


Anonymous said...

If you have any business cards printed up, it's a necessity to put that darling's face on it under "AVON COSMETICS: THE RESULTS ARE PRICELESS"

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Yes life is what you make it, but sometimes something gets in the way and thoughts get out o0f all proportion which I can relate to. Not a pleasant situation to be in.
I hope you do well as an Avon Lady.
Good luck to you,

Coffeypot said...

Bordie looks like he had a good meal. And good luck with your Avon sales. You will get to meet a lot of new friends that way.

Cheryl said...

That's just a perfect picture of Brodie. The look of joy on his face is wonderful to look at. I wonder how long it took to gt the stain off his face?

Down time can be good, although it's better if it's of your own choosing. I know you're making the best of it.

Happy Wednesday, Wah :))

Golden To Silver Val said...

I sold Avon many moons ago. On delivery day, my house smelled so GOOD! Avon is a good product and almost everyone knows what it is...couple that with your caring personality and I bet you'll excel at it.
LOVE the picture of Brodie! He sure was happy to meet the "chef". LOL

Julie said...

LOL at Dana's comment!

Lena said...

I love the picture of Brodie! So cute!

glad to hear that work is going so well for you!

Janie Fox said...

Cute baby!! Oh Avon, I used to love their Anew. Good luck on your adventure!