Thursday, May 26, 2011

That day that begins with TH

You know how I always tell you all how time flies and I can't keep up and blah-blah-blah? Not this week. THIS week is crawling along at a snails pace. I cannot say why - it just is. I do believe I have lived a month in the past three days. At work, we are a body short as one of the women is on vacay, and maybe that is why. The damned phone is going to find itself in the parking lot, and soon. And rude, stupid people? They have all converged on my place of employment this week, every last one of them. We haven't even been particularly busy. I will be more than ready for a three day weekend.

My day today, begins with an appointment with my doctor. Woo-effing-hoo. I don't know whether to be happy or pissy about it, to tell you the truth. I literally hate going to docs, and I see one today and one tomorrow. I am hoping for some sort of answers today, there should be an action plan after this one, anyway. I am worried there will be and scared there won't be. I won't like any action decided upon, I already know that. But in-action will be worse, so there you have it. I am stuck between point A and point B, and no matter what I do to get out of that predicament, there will be a problem. And so I guess I must add, "Ain't life grand?" at this point...

Is anyone other than me tired of wind and rain? Yes, I know I should be happy that I  haven't had tornadoes to deal with and certainly I am, but good hell,will the damned wind and rain ever stop? EVER? Once again, I have had a rather expensive cushion for my outdoor furniture blow away. This is twice now, btw. Yes, I know they should be brought in before the storms, but that would mean they would never, ever be outside. I arrived home from work the other day just a few minutes after the rain began so I dragged in the waterlogged cushions that were left, and left them to drip and dry on my wood floors. But seriously --- where do my blown away cushions go? I looked everywhere down below my balcony, what the hell happens to them? They don't weigh much but they do have weight, so how far can they blow, really? I suppose this one went to be with the last one that got away from me....where ever that might be. My balcony has glass walls for heavens it must have done a real suicide jump. Blenheim.

I am going to be late for work if I don't get going. Again. Have a very happy, sucky Thursday, I'm out.


Cheryl said...

Sorry sucky Thursday for me. You know why.

You need a plan of action, so I'm glad you're going to have one. I hope it's the right one because you need relief. So, that's what I'm hoping for.

We've had so much rain here, but no wind. The two are a bad combination.

Maybe your day will surprise you? The long weekend is almost here, anyway. Plans?

M Pax said...

I hope your doctor's appt went well and that your week improves.

Dann said...

Where do the cushions go? Well...this is much deeper than what I could ever contribute to. This something that maybe on a sabitical to the Ukrain I may ponder for you one day. Ha, I know exactly what you mean though. Where? You wouldn't think a water logged cushion could have options. As per usual, you leave me wanting more.