Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grandson muscles and walrus babble

Every one of my grandson muscles are screaming at me this morning. OWWWWW. Those little guys Kill me, with a capital K, but they are so worth it. That smile that my Zachary saves just for me, combined with the arms straight up in a "pick me up" pose is worth the pain of a chain gang. And going along for a three block "bike ride" with the bike partly powered by Grandma with Brodie feels just the same. Yes, I was at Janelle's place yesterday, and I spent several hours with my little guys. I came home and dropped but every second was worth the pain I feel.

This morning, I am trying to decide on church-- to go or not to go?  I have been going recently, trying to find one that feels right. I visited one last week that I liked and will probably stick with. The people are friendly but not overly so, and the music is wonderful. Most likely this morning I will stay here and clean. I have been severely ignoring the domestic side of my life, and it shows. Big time. I have cat hair balls floating around the corners of the rooms.'s time to clean the pig-sty.

I have spent a very quiet week and I have mostly liked it. Mark and I are completely finished. Officially. I am going to be single, very soon. We have not been "married" in any sense of the word for the past two years, but we did remain friends. However, this has led to a limbo situation for the both of us, and the limbo is a dance I don't do. So.... The time has come (the walrus said) oh no ---- wait a minute, no Lewis Carroll here, although at times my life does feel a bit off, like Alice. (Just an fyi - I love that poem). But anyway, my future looks a bit different, but not necessarily bad. I have decided that I need to get my ducks lined up for what could happen, so once I have managed to move and get my finances under control then I will feel better about all of it. My biggest fear is being too sick to work and take care of myself financially. With a few changes in my standard of living, I could probably handle it, and knowing that I would be okay would make me feel tons better. Hopefully, that will never happen, but planning and being prepared is a good idea. So, that is my goal for later this summer, when my lease here is up and I can move. As far as Mark and I go --- I wish him the best of everything from this point forward. I hope (sincerely) that he finds the person that makes him the very best he can be. Enough said here, and I won't mention it again.

With that, I am off to make the donuts. Oh wait...that's not my job. But, I am off. Happy Sunday!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I wish you all the best in the next chapter in your life, things have a way of working out even the worries and fears one feels when change is staring you in the face,

I am coming to terms at the moment that my eldest son no longer wants me in his and his children's life,
Hurt yes as I don't know what I did or didn't do, but if I sat around and fretted it's only me that I'm hurting so I will go on my holdiday tomorrow and "forget"

Have a lovely day.

Golden To Silver Val said...

you will be fine. dear friend. I have it on good authority that will be the case. Hugs and I'm here if you want to talk. xxoo

Coffeypot said...

I have to agree on it's worth any pain to be blessed with the grand-kids. And I am excited for you about your future. Such a trip, I wish you success and happiness.

Cheryl said...

I know that you'll have a plan and will accomplish it. I'm excited for your next chapter. Will you continue to search for your future apartment now? And hopefully Mark is on the same page as you, so it stays amicable.

I hope you've rested up today. Hugs to you!

Leann said...

Oh the grandchildren muscles. They do scream but as you stated, SO very worth it. Good luck with your next apt search. I hope you find something that fits your lifestyle and finances :-)

Hugs and Blessed Be my friend.

Roco said...

"As far as Mark and I go --- I wish him the best of everything from this point forward. I hope (sincerely) that he finds the person that makes him the very best he can be. Enough said here, and I won't mention it again."

Wow, I need to learn from you! :p

Janie Fox said...

You have a whole future ahead of you. I just know there are blessings all piled up waiting to be dispersed.
I am excited for you friend!
Oh, and the grandma muscles do get a work out for sure!!