Sunday, April 17, 2011

OMGosh, this thing is awesome!

Yes - I know that today is not an A to Z post day, but I am going to post anyway so I think I will make it count for my "O" post, okay?

Many of you know that I am completely and literally addicted to club soda. Straight out of the chilled bottle, I drink tons of it. No real harm in it, it is only water with carbonation added. I have been drinking it for years and several times I have tried to wean myself off of it, but nothing can take it's place. It has never been too much of  a problem, Hy-Vee sells a very good version for about fifty cents a liter bottle, and when I was married and living with my husband, he didn't mind doing the shopping and lugging of the eight to ten bottles that I would drink in a week. Fast forward to marriage separation, and now we have a problem. With my back and spine issues, lugging those heavy bottles out of the store and up to the third floor of my building, is impossible. Even using the elevator. I do not have the strength. So far, this carrying of supplies alone has been the biggest issue to living by myself. I have learned and gained enough strength to manage most of what I buy, but the club soda remained a problem. Mark - who lives down the hall and remains my good friend has been my rescuer. He graciously goes out each weekend and purchases a case of club soda and carries it up to my apartment. He didn't/doesn't mind, but it has always made me feel dependent on him and I HATE that feeling.

And then, one day at Bed, Bath and Beyond:


OMGOSH---this thing is AWESOME! Tap water, this little gizmo machine, a bottle of co2 --- and I have club soda! No more lugging of anything, other than a small Co2 canister every couple of weeks! It does a great job, will save me some money and there will be no more damned plastic bottles to deal with, ever again! Plus, if your thing is soda - Pepsi, Mountain Dew-- the like, then you just buy the little bottles of flavoring and you have instant, home-made soda. It's very green, it's very clean, it's very AWESOME! Seriously, I am so excited! Wooo- hoo! One more solution to the living alone problem. :)

Now, if I could just manufacture my own (very heavy) cat litter...

Happy Sunday. :)


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Pleased you have found the drinks machine.I drink mostly bottled water, maybe one coffee but mostly water as I heard it supposed to be good for you.
I used to drink alot of fizzy drinks but found out it contained too much sugar so cut that out 4 yrs ago.
Have a peaceful Sunday.

Kristy said...

Very Cool

JY said...

that IS cool!

the writing pad said...

I remember Soda Stream machines from my teens - we had one and it was great. You could get Cola flavourings and stuff as well. Then they seemed to disappear - Good to see them back, and great that they're making life so much easier for you :-)
TV Ad jingle used to be: Get Busy With The Fizzy So-Da Stream (if anyone's remotely interested!)
Have a fizzy Sunday :-)
All best, Karla

Josie said...

What a great discovery for you, and a money saver too! I'm with you on the cat litter. I buy it in 40 lb. boxes and then have to haul it out of the car and up the stairs of the deck into the house. If John is home he brings it in, thankfully. Then when I go to pour it, I have to use a scoop cuz the darn box is too heavy to lift!! I knew a family who had their cat trained to use the human toilet... wish I could accomplish that, but I think I'd always be waiting in line with this bunch! :-)

Ruth said...

Good you found that to make things easier.
Hy-Vee is probably wondering why their sales are down in that area.
I may have to check into that next time, I am out near there.

Mems said...

I love these things!!! My professor has one every time I have a class with her the first day of class everyone has to ask her what's with her water bottle! lol

Lena said...

Wow, I have never heard of a machine like this. I am so glad that you found something that makes your life easier!

Enjoy your drinks!

Jules said...

How very cool!!