Friday, April 01, 2011


And so...A. The letter A. AAAAAAYYYYY. Like the Fonz.., although that probably really starts with E. I have thought and thought. Many words begin with A. Many of them interesting. However, I will choose one, and the one I choose is AGENDA.

Agenda. We all have one. From the literal, like the to-do today list currently screaming at me from my desk. (It is the oneth of the month, you busy, busy ME). We have them for work, for home--the Saturday projects that need doing. We have them in meetings, in classrooms, in most aspects of life. There is also the political agenda that I am so tired of hearing about. I don't recall hearing that phrase earlier in my life and it's one that go away anytime now...I am simply worn out on it.

The agenda that I want to talk about is the life agenda, though. The plan. THE PLAN that we all think we have - or intentionally don't have, as we go through life.
Thirty years ago, my life agenda was to make it through another day, unscathed and mostly fine, with my kids all in one piece. (Hey no one ever said they had to be lofty.) Occasionally, the life agenda just flows along without thought. Back then, I was good with that. Paying the bills and changing the diapers left little if any time to even think about it. I suppose somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I had a life plan. One that involved people that are no longer in my life, so those agenda's had to change. And I don't really care to revisit them anytime soon.

But I must tell you - my fifty one year old agenda looks completely different than any I might have had before, anyway. My life agenda is to help. To makes things better for those I care about and some that I don't know. I believe that without wanting to help others, we are not really living. I am not necessarily in any position to help alot, but I help any way I can. I can listen, I can hold you and let you cry, I can give you money or my kitchen table if necessary. (Private joke). I can be there. I can do what I need to to make you feel better or to help take the burden off of you. Yes, I do alot for my kids...and maybe that doesn't count. But in my book, it does. I just like to help. Maybe that makes me needy--as in I need to be needed, but honestly, I don't think so. Mostly I don't want the pressure of being needed regularly. But I will help. All you have to do is ask...and sometimes you don't even have to do that. I love to give things, buy things people don't expect. Seriously, that is my high in life. And it is my agenda.

Agenda. What is yours?

And since writing this blog post at work is not on my agenda for this day, I think I had better get with it. Happy Friday, ya'll.  :)


JY said...

LOL! Good start to your A to Z project! I am thinking about it...but geesh...very AMBITIOUS... there ya go. Another "A" post!

the writing pad said...

Great start to your A - Z. Know what you mean about Political Agendas - I don't recall them from years ago, either.
Being a person inclined to 'wing it' through most of my life, I never seem to have room on my agenda for ... well, for writing my agenda, if you see what I mean!
Good luck with the rest of the challenge
All best

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Excellent start to the challange,
Look forward to reading more as the month continues,


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Great post! I agree you can help people in all different ways. Sometimes just being on the other end of an email or a chat box is helping someone who is need of interaction....

Great start to the A-Z challenge!

Coffeypot said...

My Agenda is to wake up every morning.

Just Me said...

Amen to what Coffeepot said!

Janie Fox said...

My agenda is to be better. I was going to write awesome but I am better than that ;)

Cheryl said...

If I had more time this morning, I could get deep on the subject of 'agenda'. I don't. But goals? Mine are usually things like cleaning out the basement or my closet. I'm not too deep. Maybe that's why I have a good attitude most of the time. I don't look beyond next week.

It's Saturday, and I'm off to work. Then starts the busy family weekend again...tonight tomorrow and Monday. I hope you have another busy and relaxing weekend.

And thanks for helping me. You really do with your words, always.

Josie said...

What a cool, thoughtful post, Jamie! And it's so true! What I thought life was all about, and what I wanted out of it has changed so much over the years, along with each chapter of my life. Like you, the older I get the less it is about things and the more it is about people, nurturing our relationships, and reaching out to help others along the way! You have such a tremendously giving heart, and I can bear witness to how much you helped me thru the darkest of times by your loving and supportive words... a true candle in the darkness, and that's the greatest way of giving!
~Josie Two Shoes~
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