Thursday, January 20, 2011

I can't get no....

It's been a funny week, not in the ha-ha sense, but in the strange. It is a full moon, perhaps that has contributed. I believe that the moon affects many folks strangely, but most are not aware of it. If we have interesting customers at work, if people act a little goofy, if folks complain about the oddest of things...and this happens in multiples, every time, it is a full moon. That always makes me wonder about my own behavior, and even though I am not generally vocal about it, I can feel it.

I have spent every evening all alone this week, not seeing another human being other than at work. I have kind of liked it. This is a sad fact for me, but it is the truth. I am no more interested in having anyone in my life than I am in a root canal. I want to WANT somebody. Until I do, there is no hope. Speaking of which, the man that I was seeing last summer just will NOT let it go. I get emails from him every few days, a call at work one day out of the blue, two dozen more roses...he is a good guy but seriously? He needs to give it up.

Today, my dad would have been seventy-nine years old. He was a good man in many ways, but a monster in others. I often still miss him, though. It's too bad that we began to understand each other as he was dying. Too little too late, really.

Yesterday, my ex---my kids father, the man I was so very in love with for so very long, turned sixty-one. Holy crap, how time flies. That sounds old, even to me, I guess because when I remember him, he is a young man. The man I knew and loved is long gone, but physically, he is alive and well and still kicking, living in southern Iowa. Imagine that, after he lived all those years on Maui, he moved back to the frozen tundra of Iowa. There is no explaining some things, and that is one of them.

I was notified by email last evening that I won a Rob Dyrdek skate deck from Monster Energy drinks. I had no idea what that even was until I talked to my youngest, Jordy. He is quite excited about the win, as even at the ripe old age of twenty-five, he is still quite the skateboarder. So, when it is shipped to me next month, Jordy will have a new toy. I do remember entering the code off the box of Monster that I bought for a friend of mine last summer, as she mixes that nasty stuff with her vodka. I love to enter contests and do it quite often but have not won anything for quite some time. My last real win was the Super Bowl of 2003, all expenses paid to San Diego for three nights and four that was a win!

My battle with the cold and snow is being lost, I am having a hell of time trying to maneuver my life in it. I go out only when I can guilt myself sufficiently, and when I am paid to, of course. I have only been to the gym two times this week and once it was on the way home from work. Work outs at that hour of the day are not good ones, I am way better at five am than at four pm. I am forcing myself to get there this morning, trying to get psyched for it as we speak. I believe the current temp is about five below. ZERO. Meh.

FINALLY, my hair has been cut. I don't know what day it decided to grow out of control, but I swear, I woke up one morning recently and it was just hugely too long! Then of course, it takes days to get in to my girl. She costs way too much, but she does such a good job. And she is an adorable, sweet little girl, she owns the business, and she is only twenty-two. How can I not keep going there? The fact that her place of business is only about twenty steps from the front of my building doesn't hurt, either. I have tried to move just about everything I do into this little complex of stores and business's. Which of course, is why I pay so much for everything. Like me, they all pay too much rent and that has to be paid for somehow.

I ran across an article on the web that named the fifty most famous and recognized guitar riffs of rock and roll. I have had fun with that, as I have remembered some music that had somehow escaped me over time. What do you think the number one riff was? Come on, you know you know it...

Satisfaction. As in, I Can't Get No. By the Rolling Stones. It is of course up there in the top ones...I am not sure I agree with the number one. My immediate thoughts were Clapton, the Kinks, the Dire Straits, and all of them made the list. For some reason, even the Iron Butterfly came to my mind. And it was on the list, too. In any event, I have had fun listening to music that I haven't heard in awhile.

Thursday. Usually the worst day of the week. Sucky Thursday. So...have a very happy Sucky Thursday. I'm out.


Summer said...

Nice to read you! Full Moon fever has gripped my office for sure. Yesterday was miserable. Stay warm and safe.

Bina said...

Full moon always causes the weird customers to come to our offices. Strange, huh?

You won something? And more important, you went to a superbowl, all expenses paid??? HOLY COW! I've never won anything, and if I did, that is one prize I would LOVE!!!!!!

How much hair did you get cut off?

I swear, that baby just gets cuter and cuter!!!!!

Miss you!

Coffeypot said...

I hear that the full moon affects some people in...wait...that car coming down the road needs it's back tire and bumper back in a minute...

JTS said...

Absolutely the full moon affects human behavior.. I've observed it for years! I don't think I could stand the icy cold and snow anymore.I am "freezing" when it's in the 30's here. And it takes me forever to warm up. Think warmer climate for retirement! :-)

I'm so glad you were ok with my blog post about you. It' something I've been wanting to say for a long time and the spirit moved me. Every word of it was true. I often wonder if I would have made it thru that year otherwise. It felt like an eternity in hell! I am believing that good things happen in life too, I preach that to my daughter and it always reminds me of you telling me, so maybe just maybe some of it is soaking in with her too! :-)) HUGS

Jules said...

Nice to read you indeed! I too, felt the full moon phenomon... I love an excuse for being crazy as opposed to just a diagnosis.

Leann said...

I would have a very difficult time getting up and going out into that kind of cold, especially for the gym. Work, well ya gotta, gym time...mehh, maybe not so much :-)

You will have to come see me this Spring and enjoy some nicer weather.

I have the most difficult time finding someone who knows how to cut my hair. It is very thick and has lots of body.

The full moon sets all kinds of things in motion. Working in the ER I can tell you that when the full moon hits things get interesting :-)

Enjoy your weekend!

Lena said...

I am having such a hard time with the cold this winter. My joints can't take it. I am in and out of my car now for work and I am freezing cold. I have to keep blankets in my car!

Oh dear, sorry to complain on your blog!

Cool to win stuff. That Super bowl trip sounded like an awesome win.

Cheryl said...

I don't know how it is that I'm just reading this now. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow since it's Sucky Thursday again.