Sunday, October 03, 2010

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing

Are those not the cutest, sweetest, most adorable faces on this earth? No need to answer....I already know. And I am sure that you all agree, unless of course you are a grandma yourself, then you would think these are the second most awesome faces, ever.
A new month. I like October---I love the weather, the smells, the fact that my youngest was born on the 11th of this month. I just like this time of year. Having said that though, I do realize that last year on the 6th of October, we had our first snow, and I don't believe we saw the ground again until April, so I am hoping for a much more traditional month this year.
Things- "they are a changin". I have some things to handle that I am not looking forward to, in my personal life, but I will get them done this week. I am now strong enough, both physically and emotionally to take care of it, but I am not looking forward to it. Yes, I will explain at a later time.
The rest of my life is good. I am happy. I do not count the physical problems in that statement. I have given up on that ever getting better, and I don't count the physical in my general state of mind any longer. I saw one of the various doc's this week and in general, the outcome was fine. The big picture however, is rather bleak. I am excited though, I have a prescription written for a physical therapy trainer, that will help me strengthen the rest of my body, the parts that need help so badly, that I have been afraid to work on, given the mess that my lower back and neck are in. Apparently this woman is trained in this sort of thing and she will be able to help me use all of the beautiful machines and equipment at my gym that I only look at now as I walk/run the circle track there. I get to utilize her knowledge up to five times, paid for by insurance, so YEAH! And....I have lost thirty pounds since I had seen this doctor in March! I am so very excited by that. A goal, one that I set for myself, and one that has been reached!
I will fill this day with a long visit to the gym, a little (more) housework, some time catching up on recorded but not yet watched tv, and maybe some time to read. Happy Sunday to you all, I'm off.


Mary said...

Those boys are beautiful - - errrr- - - - handsome. There's nothing to compare with grandchildren.

Having access to a specialized trainer is awesome. Also, congrats on reaching your weight goal.

Coffeypot said...

Good for you, hon. Face what ever you have to face and get back to us. I do so admire your strength and courage in facing your life. Thanks!

I dread tomorrow, myself. I have a nuclear stress test in the morning. I HATE THAT TREADMILL.

Leann said...

Second most beautiful babies ever :-)

I'm excited for you! Having someone to help you work the areas in need and paid for by insurance to boot. Does not get much better than that.

Congrats on the weight loss. It feels so good to reach those goals.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Grandchildren is what makes life worth living for me. Each and every one of them are beautiful beyond words. You are in for SO MUCH FUN with those two when they get to be just a little bit older!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend dear friend. My puter is on the road to recovery so will be sending you an email in a day or so. Big hugs!

M Chickk said...

I guess this week sucks for more than a few of us, huh? :) I have my own medical proceedure to take care of tomorrow and I am dreading it beyond measure.

I hope you get through what ever you have to do this week, that it turns out to be not as bad as you thought and all will be well when you are done. The baby pics are beautiful!

Rachel Cotterill said...

They're adorable :)

And I'd like to wish you strength to handle the things you have to cope with - whatever those may be. I'm sure those smiling faces will get you through anything.