Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Gibberish

Good Morning Monday. I promised earlier to love you, not to give in to the pressure and hate you like everyone else, so this morning, when I am especially tired and in pain, I greet you. I love you --- without you, Monday---Tuesday through Friday would not seem so special. :)

I walked over eight miles this weekend. My legs are well aware of that fact, and at some point, my neck decided to protest as well. Monday mornings are hard on the body...and this week in particular, I am suffering. But like every other week, it is off to the j-o-b and then I leave early for a journey to my neuro. I am actually looking forward to this visit, I need some specific help with various issues. I am way better than the last time I saw him, at least six months ago, but I have a few problems that are new and different. I am twenty-seven pounds lighter than then, too. I am so much stronger, it's hard to believe. I can actually carry most of my own supplies to my apartment, and that is part of the reason I began this whole trip down healthier lane. I can now easily lift my grandsons, and not suffer too much from the effort. Once the weather turns cooler and I get back to working out in the gym instead of all the walking outside-which I love-I will work with a trainer a time or two to target a couple of things, such as working on upper body strength without hurting my neck or lower back. It seems every movement involves one or the other, or both.

All of my clothes are way too big, which is great, but when the time comes to get dressed for work, it's a problem. I went yesterday afternoon and bought a couple of things..I have many jeans and shorts and summer things that work, but the business style that I am supposed to work in looks a little haggard. The pants are three sizes too big, in the past I have often bought things too big in the first place, my inseam is way long and to get pants long enough, they needed to bag a little everywhere else. Now, I can't keep them on. clothing will have to be a priority over the next few weeks.

I had a most wonderful day with "the boys" on Saturday. They are beautiful, happy, sweet and oh so fun. The pics above were taken that day.

Happy Monday. I'm out.

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Coffeypot said...

I use to hate Mondays, but that was because I hated my job. Now I love each day as it comes. There is just too many wonderful things and new people to meet than to waste it hating the day. Sun, heat, rain, cold, sleet, I love it all. Then I have to get out of bed....