Saturday, August 21, 2010

metal shavings

It all adds up to something, will anyone ever understand what?

I do not like to be pushed. Into or out of anything. If you insist, I WILL push back. Nope, I am not scary but at times I cannot be moved. Not by anyone.

I love the way that the male half of our race falls back on "I'm just a guy". What exactly does that mean? Because they have the penis, are we to excuse them from things considered human? And then, in the next breath, the female half is lumped into a mass of idiocy. I do not, never have, believe in the stereotypes. Yes, men and women are completely different. However, each of us have been given the same abilities to understand.

If you--the reader of this jumbled mess--cared about someone, anyone really, the point is caring here, wouldn't you---reader---take the time to understand what makes the person that matters tick? If this person that mattered said something, anything, and then added "it's what makes me ME", would that not be important? Just checking.

Age matters. It is not a good excuse though.

I was recently told that my belief in "the things that attract us to a person in the beginning are generally the things we end up hating about that person later" was a terrible thing to say. Perhaps. But I believe in now more than ever.

I'm learning that human connections are most important. I am also learning that they are difficult to come by, and should never be taken for granted. I have been very fortunate in my life to have had a few. Now I want the one that goes beyond measure. Most likely, it's what we all want and I know that. I have just never wanted it before.

And yes, everything DOES have to mean something. :)


Mary said...

I understand. Yes, everything does mean something. I wish for you the kind of connection that Harry and I have.

Cheryl said...

Wouldn't it be interesting if we all wrote an essay on our thoughts about, "the things that attract us to a person in the beginning are generally the things we end up hating about that person later"? It's definitely food for thought.

Leann said...

I would disagree with that statement on all sorts of levels.

I have come to learn (in my vast experience ehhemmmm) that there are certain things that are 'just men'. That does not mean it cannot be worked upon to improve, but it is a 'what you see is what you get' mentality. If I can't fall for THE ONE as they are, accepting their faults right along with it, well then he is not THE ONE. Just my 2 cents worth :-)

Coffeypot said...

There have been thousands of books and a cazillion words written about the difference between men and women...and those differences are as pronounced as they are confusing. We all want The One, but the only perfect (supposedly) person was hung on a cross - so he pissed somebody off, so, so much for perfect. You will do good to fine The One with faults that you can live with, but don't ruing a good relationship because he isn't perfect.

Lena said...

I thought I was the only one who thought that the things that attract you to someone at the beginning are the same things that turn out to annoy you. lol

Relationships are so hard!

To me everything means something, but not to everyone...

I like the new look of your blog!

Jules said...

I've long sat to ponder the ways of men. And I still know little to nothing about them. I think that's what makes them so darned attractive.

Or maybe it's all just pheromones.

Roco said...

I'm more looking at the age matters remark...

...thinking about my own twisted situation with a man that's 10 years older than me. It doesn't bother me hardly at all, yet I think it does him. He is always pulling the age card on me, and its frustrating. If we get into disagreement in a conversation, he pulls the "you just don't understand 'cause you're so young" card. Talk about degrading : /

I also wouldn't like to generalize or stereotype but...yeah...I just don't think men in general ever stop and think about women's feelings or how their actions affect them. At all.

But you know me, I'm pretty pessimistic. : )

Hope everything gets better for you!