Monday, July 19, 2010

You're so grounded!

This past weekend had to be the fastest on record. It was gone in a blink...and I had little downtime. It was busy from Friday at four until last night. I am not complaining, it really was a good time, I just need a little more quiet than I have had recently. I have to say, I am enjoying the summer this year, more than I have, I would say, since I was a kid. When it isn't raining or storming, and sometimes, even when it is, I am just plain having FUN. It's all good. :)
Lots of things going on in my life recently, most of which I am not willing to share at this time. I will soon, though.
At this time, still no baby. Two false starts in the last week...Thursdays seem to be the day that Zachary gets a little feisty, but then decides to quiet down. She is still early, but the docs say that if it happens now, it will be fine. They just won't facilitate it in any way. After this Wednesday, they actually might. At that point, Janelle is thirty-seven weeks along, and it's all a go. Her actual due date is still three weeks away, though. And this little one could be the kind that enjoys being late. Time will tell. At this point, Janelle says she will not go back to the hospital until she is carrying the little guy in her arms...LOL. She has decided that little Zach is already grounded, just for being such a fart. Welcome to the world little one, YOU'RE GROUNDED.
Monday morning, again. Woo Hoo! I am currently sitting in the dark in front of the second story windows...and the most beautiful lightening show is happening right in front of me. Love it, although I could do without the strong storms that are on the way. We have had so much of that here lately.
I'm sorry I am so bad about updating lately..and even worse about commenting on other blogs. I will get back to it, I swear. Until then, have a happy!


Coffeypot said...

I, too, love lightning and storms. The power of ma nature is so humbling, yet exciting. Turns me on, too. OH! Sorry! TMI.

Leann said...

We spend hundreds on such complicated toys and the joy is in the small things like empty cardboard boxes, pots and pans, and tupperware!!

I too love lightening storms. Unfortunately we are in a part of the country that has few of them.

Take care, hope all is well, and enjoy the down time!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Sigh....the littles....they make it all worth it. You sound upbeat and good and that makes me happy. Big hugs. Write soon. xo