Thursday, July 08, 2010

Play catch up?

What a crazy, happy, upsetting, frenzied, awkward, exciting, painful, exhausting couple of weeks this has been! Since I wrote here last, so much has happened, so many things have just been so busy.
A couple of weeks ago, Janelle and family moved. It was hard work that day, but I did manage to actually help, and she is the most amazing packer/organizer I have ever seen. The entire move went as perfectly as it could have. There was no confusion, absolutely everything was labeled and placed properly. In all honesty, that is her calling. Professional organizer. She can be pretty amazing.
The next weekend was the fourth of July, and my oldest son, Craig and his gf Dani, came for a visit, and it was wonderful. I had all of my kids in the same place at the same time, and everyone had a blast. It was nothing but running around, eating and drinking out, a lot of outside activity, a lot of heat and humidity, and some rain. I slept on Marks couch so that the kids could have my place, and it was just fine. The downside to all of that was the exhaustion, the money spent, the tenseness for me that all of my kids in one place can cause, so as much as I miss him, and heaven knows I do, I was happy to have my place back to myself on Wednesday morning. I have the very best kids on this earth, they are good to me, and always respect me. They love to be together and laugh and the love between them shows so much. That fact, probably makes me happier than anything. But, one thing that has become quite obvious...they are now all grown. They are now adults in every way, and what they are is what they are. They each have traits and faults that are special to them (like I do, I am aware) and yet they are so much alike, EVERY ONE OF THEM, that it is shocking to me. Each of them has made huge strides in the growing up process and that makes me proud, even if their way of thinking is completely different from mine. I miss my Craig more than he will ever know, but it is now completely obvious to me that he is where he wants to be, and he is following the path that he chooses. The way it should be.
I have to tell you all though, there is a little boy, about the age of one year and three months, that has completely grabbed my heart and will never let go. I'm sure you all know who I am talking about, he's the little guy that I share my popsicles with. And on that subject line, there is a new little boy on the way, that will most likely make his premiere appearance within the next three weeks. He will be my Zachary. And I can't wait.
Later. Happy Thursday. :)


Golden To Silver Val said...

Having your family all around you and having them love one another is absolutely the best gift you could ever get. You look GOOD, lady. I hope you've been feeling better as each day passes. Miss our talks and hope we can get back to them again soon. Love and hugs.

Coffeypot said...

Congrats on the new arrival (though you didn't have anything to do with it) and I know how exhausting yet fun it is to have all the kids and their significant others together. Playing board games, laughing and eating ungodly amounts of food makes for a good day. A quiet nap when they leave is heaven, too.

Cheryl said...

I'm assuming that your Brodie still lives close by. What a joy he is to you. What a wonderful thing for him that he's growing up with such a great relationship with his grandma. Soon there will be another charmer for you to love. You've found joy and I'm so happy for that.

I look at my almost 17 year old and can't believe that soon she'll be an adult. I'm not ready. I'm so glad I have at least one more year with her before she flies away, which I'm sure she will. I'm glad you enjoyed the time with your kids.

SOUL said...

you sound good here-- family can do that to a person i reckon.
hope you have a great weekend!

LL Cool Joe said...

Have you had your hair cut? It looks great.

Glad you seem happy. :)