Friday, July 23, 2010

Fridays words of wisdom

Finally, Friday rolls around once more. To say that this week has been a long one would be repeating the words from the past six-thousand, four hundred and eighteen weeks. But it has. Baby watch is wearing thin, due to no fault of the baby or the daughter. However, doctors that predict "early" should be shot. Frankly, they have no idea, and those thoughts are best left to themselves. That baby will show up when he's damned good and ready, and not before. We are still about two weeks before the due date, and we have already spent the past three Thursdays on baby waiting duty...only to have our hopes dashed. Last night, all was quiet on the baby front, so the Thursday spell has been broken.

It's only four-thirty in the blessed am and I have had enough excitement for one day. It is currently monsooning outside, (and I have to ask here, when isn't it?), but I did happen to notice that my patio chair covers were blowing wildly around my I did what I had to do and ran out in the gale-force winds and sideways rain and rescued the heavy, rain-soaked canvas just in the nick of it was heading for the great beyond. I reattached it to the chair and weighed it down with the glass patio table...and I am now hoping that will hold it. In the process, I was and still am drenched...

Only to come back inside and step in last nights over-indulgence of one of my kitties....oh how I love a day that begins with stepping in vomit. It's a good thing I love these fat, hair-covered catastrophe's.

Plans tonight with the women from the office. Hopefully the monsoon will let up so that we can be in the great outdoors..

I have spent the past couple of weeks exploring the dating side of being on my own again. I have decided that most men are not worth the trouble. For those of you that are now is with the *blessing* of my soon to be ex-husband. Okay, so blessing is too strong a word..but it is with his knowledge and understanding. We love each other too much to not want the other to be happy, so we are supportive of the whole dating thing. At least I am where he is concerned, and he tells me he is. But, having said that, I do believe being alone is easier. It is so difficult to put yourself into words for someone that you have just met. For someone to walk in to a whole life, and understand the hows and the whys is really just too much to ask, I have decided. It would take a very, very special person for me to even want to explain it all. And that is where I stand on all of that.

And so, now I must go finish cleaning up the kitty messes. Oh happy day. I'm out.


Coffeypot said...

Go back to bed and start over...

Leann said...

I understand and empathize on the kitty over indulgances. I would only clean that up for someone I really loved :-)

We have had gorgeous weather. It's been hot but I refuse to complain because I've been waiting for it forever!! The 90's works for me.

Dating.....I have decided, as I believe I've mentioned in my blog, that it is far easier to be alone and like you, it is going to take special circumstances and person to move beyond this particular comfort zone.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you enjoy your Monday.


LL Cool Joe said...

If my partner died or left me, I know now I'd not meet anyone new. I just couldn't go back to all that dating stuff and getting to know one another. I'd rather be alone!

Cheryl said...

You know I loved being alone. It was a good thing since working and being a single mom didn't leave much time for anything else. I'm still amazed that I have a partner now. I think it was luck. He thinks it was predestined. Who knows what the future will hold for you? Happiness comes in all forms, as you know.

Can't wait to hear about the new baby!