Monday, June 28, 2010

A Letter to Monday

Dear Monday,

I have spent all my adult life really, really hating you. Hating the calm, even way you insist on coming back. Hating that you are never late, never too tired or never interested in a vacation. So, I give up. Monday, you are now going to be my friend. After all, it isn't your fault that you got stuck with being Monday. I have decided that I feel sorry for you, after all, of all the days, you are the most hated, dreaded, detested of them all. I apologize to you, because I have hated you right along with everyone else I know. Now, I realize now that it isn't your fault you are Monday. We are who we are, and you must have drawn the shortest stick. So how are you, friend? I admire your tenacity...and should I ever want to be like any day, it's you. You are one tough cookie. I like that in a day. Keep smiling, keep on keeping on. Hugs, Monday.

Your new friend,



Golden To Silver Val said...

Hey dear friend! This post is brilliant...looks like you've definitely got your groove back!!! *Sigh*, I've tried to like Mondays, but its very difficult....maybe if it wasn't so damn dependable...however, NEXT Monday we get to sleep in. Have a good one.

Coffeypot said...

I like Mondays. Because give that if I was unable to see another Monday it would really suck. I want to see about a million more of'em.