Friday, July 30, 2010

Bullets abound

  • Yea...another Friday! Can't have too many. :)
  • Life here in WDes Moines is good. Busy, tiring, hot, but good. I have been walking...generally around four miles each day. I KNOW----I can't believe it either! I am officially twenty-two pounds lighter than I was in April, and I am enjoying that, too. I would really like to lose five more, only to put me below that magic number. You all know...the number that we all dream about popping up on the scale. I honestly look pretty good now, although I have been told by a few that I am too thin. I really don't think there is such a thing, unless of course there is an eating disorder involved, and that is not the case here. I love putting on clothes now, although nearly all of what I own is way too big.
  • The exercise has done a world of good for my back. It always hurts and I'm sure always will, but it no longer causes me to be unable to move or walk. My leg pain is also my constant companion but at least now it's from over doing...and since I have to deal with it in one form or another, I will take this. I have not been to the gym for way too long, but I am having such a wonderful time walking here, where I live. This place is beautiful, there is always something going on, I can make four miles of ins and outs and still stay inside the complex, so I feel completely safe, regardless of the time I am out and about. I will keep my gym membership for the time when the weather is not conducive to being outside, and for when the pool at the gym is not over-run with kids. The fall is right around the corner, so I will be back there, soon.
  • Still no baby Z. He has decided that he likes where he is living, apparently. I can't wait to meet him, but also want him to be completely "baked" when he does decide to make his debut. I feel pretty certain this coming week will be his time, the due date is approaching, and the dr's aren't going to let her go past.
  • Busy weekend ahead. Good weather predicted. I am having the best time this summer...since I can't remember when. :)
  • Happy Friday. :)


Smocha said...

Glad you are up to all that walking .
All walking is on hold here as it is too freking HOT out. Congrats on the weight loss .(I never saw 22 pounds that needed to be lost on you though) * shaking head* you and Soul, the twiggy girls. LOL

Happy Friday!

SOUL said...

you sound really really good.
i miss you .

Leann said...

You sound so happy and in a beautiful frame of mind. I am so happy for you!!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.



any baby news to report?
My sister in law had theirs yesterday--maybe J did too?

and i agree with soul,
I miss u and her too.

Cheryl said...

I'm just getting around to catching up on blogs after vacation. So good to hear so many great 'bullets'. I'm happy that you're happy. And, since you've written this, the baby has been born. More and more good stuff.