Friday, May 21, 2010


And it's Friday.... Ahhh. I love this day, every week. It is a reward for making it through Thursday, plus a good way to slide into what will be a great weekend.

Today, I expect things at work will still be pretty slow. It's either one way there, or the other. Too much to do and not enough time, or hours that stretch out before you with nothing to fill them. We need to be bank account tells me that for sure. But I still have hope that this month can be turned around.

I hope to get my hair trimmed after work, then get my butt to the gym. I have had the best of intentions regarding the gym all week, however, it has not happened. I did walk a couple of times, but for the rest of the week...I dealt with quite a lot of pain. Way more than last week. Tonight, I am going either way.

My weekend is pretty if it wouldn't be. Mark and I are on a break..we/I decided to try it and see how it goes. I do plan to see Brodie and Janelle tomorrow, and that will be good. Other than that, it's watching movies and swimming. And that is enough for me.

Have a great Friday. I'm out. :)


Smocha said...

Hey stranger! Glad to see you're back.

TGIF! :)

Cheryl said...

Happy Happy Happy to see you here again. I missed you!!! I haven't been by the blogs in a while, and I'm checking in and here you are! Of course your friends will find you again.

Swimming is so good for you. I'm going to start again, in the outdoor pool. When it opens and gets warm :) I need to get this body moving too. I'm so glad you're doing it.

Enjoy your open weekend. You never know what will fill it.