Thursday, March 11, 2010


Off to Colorado this morning...and it looks like snow all the way across Nebraska, although the temps are pretty high so I don't think it will be sticking. I am looking forward to good, fun, quality time with my kiddos...and will accept nothing less.

See you on Sunday! :)


Smocha said...

Have fun! don't forget to take lots of pictures :)

fiwa said...

Fantastic - you have yourself a wonderful time! Don't mind us, we'll just make ourselves at home and eat you out of house and home, watch some movies... ;)

Safe travels!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Have a FUN and a SAFE trip and take lots and lots of pictures. I hope you have all kinds of deserve this. Hey Fiwa...come help me gets this red nail polish out of her white carpeting. Is there any more chicken left?

Lena said...

Enjoy!!!!!! Sounds wonderful!

Coffeypot said...

Mercy Travels and have fun.

Leann said...

Have a safe and fantastic time!

SOUL said...

via con dios !!!
be careful and have a great time !

SOUL said...

and ore vois :))

SOUL said...

i didn't forget -- really i didn't !! i just had a busy day and just now got my bearings back...

I hope it's a happy happy happy day for you !

party on garth -- :))

XO-- OOPS -- 0X

Gypsy said...

Happy Birthday for the 12th (I hope that's right). Sorry I am a little bit late but I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that you got as thoroughly spoiled as you deserve.

Just as importantly, I hope you are enjoying the break in Colorado with the kids.

Big hugs and kisses Jamie. xoxoxo

PS I hope that acupuncture brought you a bit of relief.