Tuesday, March 09, 2010


So, I went for the big "acupuncture" yesterday. Fourteen of those little needly things...from my lower back to my ankles. The needles themselves did not hurt but the feeling while they were left there, for twenty minutes was...uncomfortable. It was the strangest sensations..and once it was over and I sat up, holy crap...I felt drunk, and dizzy and weird. The dr said that was normal. Hmmm...anyway, I don't know yet how I feel about it, it just almost seems too strange for me. I will see how I feel. I am supposed to go back again tomorrow evening. You all notice the word, "supposed"? I just don't know. What I do know is that I have a series of dark ugly bruises along my right side ribcage from this bear of a doctor's adjustments...not his fault, he hasn't been rough, but I bruise easily. This morning, my damned back hurts. I suppose no differently than normal but I have been having a pretty good few days before last evening. And last night after the little procedure...my leg pain about drove me to cry. I know that this strange method of healing stirred something up. Gah.
Off to my Tuesday duties.
Have a happy.


Jules said...

Jamie, I'm so happy you're exploring this treatment route! I do believe acupuncture was one of the most healing process I went through recently. It gave me clarity. And even if it was only the placebo effect, it worked for me. Keep it up!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Some pretty amazing stuff, I'd say. Hope you keep with it for a while and give it a chance to do its magic. If insurance had covered it, my daughter would never have stopped her treatments.

LL Cool Joe said...

Ouch, ouch. You are very brave. Maybe the pain will ease after a while and then you'll feel 21 again? :D

fiwa said...

How very interesting. No one but you can know what is right for you, but I hope you'll give it some more time. Careful, loving hugs.
love you -

Leann said...

I would give it a chance before I ruled it out completely. If it is so uncomfortable for you mentally that you can't do it, well then don't. Sometimes healing comes from the strangest places :-)

Hope you have an awesome Tuesday.

blessings ~ Leann

SOUL said...

that's one thing i never tried-- and one i'm not puttin at the top of my list any time soon either. 'acupuncture'. nope not for me. it's been suggested, but it's one of those things that i think - i could be wrong - but i think it's kinda like a mind control thing-- and i just can't 'let go' that much. so i don't have the 'faith in it that others do. i guess.

been the chiropractor route once or twice. not for me either. too temporary.

i hope you find the treatments to be helpful though. keep us posted --- wow -- that's a lot of needles :O

Lena said...

I went for acupuncture a couple of years ago. I would get anxious when she would leave the room though, other than that it didn't hurt or anything.

I went a few times, but I stopped going because I was paying out of pocket. It did help some, but I didn't do it long enough.

Coffeypot said...

There must be something to if, they have been doing it for thousands of years (not the same doctor, mind you) so it must work on some level.