Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday things

Monday, again. The weeks march along and I try to keep up. My weekend wasn't the best, I have felt really, really bad. However, I don't think it was the usual, I really think it was some sort of bug---it left me with a bad headache, alot of body pain, perhaps low grade fever and chills. I think I am feeling better today, heaven knows I am sick of being sick.

I did accomplish ninety percent of my Christmas shopping on Saturday, and that felt wonderful. I have only a few more things to buy and a few to wrap. There won't be nearly as much under my scrawny tree this year, but what is there is paid for, and that's saying something. :) I am very much looking forward to Christmas with my kids. I always have the Christmas eve celebration, then on Christmas day, they all scatter to the homes of their loves. It works well. This Christmas day will just be Mark and I, and I am honestly looking forward to that. The pressure is off, it's a time that we can just be. As an added bonus, it falls on a Friday this year, so there will be a long weekend involved.

My apartment is a pig-sty. I didn't even have the strength to clean it up this weekend and that never happens. I will have to find the strength to do it one evening this week. I didn't get to spend any time with Brodie and I am having withdrawals. I did go to lunch with he and Janelle on Friday, so I got to see him for an hour or so. He is the sweetest thing I have ever been around. I received a bit of news at that lunch that left me reeling, somewhat. Life does have a way of knocking us around, you know?

Snow. Snow last night, just a couple of inches, but a huge storm predicted for tomorrow. GREAT. I don't love snow. In fact, I really hate it. But it is what it is, so I guess we'll just break out in a chorus of:


Mary said...

Jamie, don't worry about your apartment. You call it a pig sty but I'm sure it's fine. I've found - over the past months - that "barely OK clean" is good enough. No one really appreciates perfect or even cares. Relax! Enjoy the season! Spend every minute possible with Brody! Everything else will take care of its self. Make the quiet time with Mark count! Most of all take care of YOU!! Sending hugs and many kind thoughts your way.

Leann said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I like the snow but not the cold that goes along with it. Silly huh?

Cheryl said...

HI Girlie,

Yes, it's really me stopping by. I'm so far behind. Did you get slammed by the snow. We were lucky and got lots and lots of rain.

I have a guess what the news was. I'll be wondering.

Hope you're feeling much better. And you go girl for having so much of your shopping done. I haven't started.

Gypsy said...

Congrats on the Christmas shopping....bought and paid for. That is an achievement I doubt I will ever succeed with and would you believe I haven't even thought about presents, much less bought and wrapped them. Oh well...I always get there in the end.