Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A little this, a little that

Eight days into the official season, and I am already SICK of winter. It's zero right now. ZERO. The big goose egg. Bleh.

My house is mine again. All the kids have gone. I like being alone, but I miss my kid.

My kitties are not happy with the new kitty, Tonka. But, I think they are learning a few things from him. When he is visiting, they hate him. After he has gone back home, they imitate him, running and playing, just for a few minutes.

My job blows. Mostly my attitude, I get that. But still...

My kids got me an awesome new camera and I have nothing to take pics of. Maybe I need a life?

Christmas is all put away until next year. Why is it that once the tree comes down, the room looks so bleak? It didn't look that way before the tree went up.

My oldest and family are embarking on a twenty hour car ride to North Carolina today. I will miss them. (Twenty hours in the car with a baby? They have surely gone mad...)

Today is Tuesday. I like Tuesday's, but I don't know why. Just like I don't know why I hate Thursdays.

Have a happy. :)


Smocha said...

Take pictures of your cats! They love it :)

happy Tuesday!

Maria said...

Wednesdays do that to me. Someone told me that they are called "hump" days. As in...getting over the hump. I dunno. It just seems like if something icky is going to happen, it will happen on a Wednesday.

Lena said...

yes, pictures of your cats would be fun to see!

I know that feeling when the tree comes down and everything looks so empty and bleak. I am keeping my tree up for awhile to avoid that.

Leann said...

I agree, pics of kitties are awesome. Pictures of snow for those of us who don't get much, yeah, those are kewl pics!

My favorite days....the last one I work :-)

Susan said...

I agree...get shots of your kitties being naughty! And the snow can be so pretty!

Cheryl said...

I say bundle up and take pictures of anything. Trees. Buildings. Clouds. Whatever. Cameras make you see things from a new perspective.

My house is clean but not one single Christmas thing is put away. I want an elf to come and make it all disappear. Actually, if it were acceptable, I might just leave it up all year. Everything but the tree.

I'm so fortunate I love my job. I wish you had the perfect one for you. Any thoughts of making some inquiries?

I'm working till 2:30 tomorrow. Despite the fact that we're closed on Friday, I still want my Thursday off. I want coffee!!


Lynx217 said...

I'm fussing over 30 and breezy here in PA. I'm long past tired of winter, I was tired of winter before it even came! Summer wasn't long enough or hot enough. Our fall barely even stopped in to say hi! Let's all hope winter's visit is just as brief!

Golden To Silver Val said...

I can tell you my least favorite day is Monday...and I really do love my job. However I've gotten lazy in my old age and I just don't want to get up and get ready and go out....I'd rather stay in my jammies, sip coffee and read for several hours in the morning....and then think about getting dressed. LOL. The rest of the days sort of fall in together after Monday is over. My very favorite day is Saturday.
And....oh yeah....I was sick of just thinking about winter way before it arrived. It can leave now. I want spring with tulips and daffodils. Snow sucks. Period.
A couple or four beers could help fix your attitude....a couple or four white Russians have helped me many time. bwhahahhahaha. Hugs! xo

LL Cool Joe said...

Geez I always thought hump day meant something rude! :D

There's always something to photograph! Geez, I'm good at photographing nothing! :D

You've taken your Christmas decorations down early!

Happy New Year!

Gypsy said...

I'm still in the thinking about it stage of taking down the decorations though I would have liked them to have been gone the day after Christmas. We always observe the 12 days of Christmas thing so I suppose they will stay for another few days.

Bina said...

a 20 hour car ride??? Oh my. I drove from CA to NC with two little boys. It took four days. WTF was wrong with me??? LOL

It is weird how you take your Christmas stuff down and you wonder if your living room ALWAYS looked that empty! LOL

Missed you!

Bina said...

By the way ZERO degrees? Holy Crap!!!!!