Thursday, December 03, 2009

Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Daughters rotten, spoiled boxer ate the Christmas presents under the tree. Literally.

My knees go "grind, pop, grind, pop" all the way up and down the stairs. This morning "grind, pop, grind, pop...OWWWWW." Stuck. It got stuck. And hurt like a you-know-what.

I ask you, how smart is it to give your boss the silent treatment? Yes, I thought so...not smart at all.

Mason, Meisha and Tonka hate each other. Tonka does not live here with me, but visits frequently. Masona and Meisha live here and tolerate one another, have for the past few years. But Tonka? I don't think he has a chance... (In case you are not a regular here, these are cats).

Every time my laptop leaves home, it comes back with a new issue. I'm not saying that anyone is to blame for that, but I really don't believe it wants to go anywhere. Now it won't charge. I leave it plugged in until the cows come home (whenever the hell that is) and still...nothing.

Thursdays are stupid. I have always thought so...but recently, they are stupider than stupid. Let's just get right to Friday, okay?

Off to the saltmines. The daily grind. The j-o-b. Another day, another fifty cents.

Fa la la la la la LA!


Cheryl said...

Hiya Jamie,

I'm stopping by a few blogs, and when I do that you're tops on my list. I miss you and we'll get back to talking regularly when life slows down. I'm working today so, wah, I'm ready for Saturday afternoon.

Jules said...

Do I detect an attitude today? Why do you have to rag on Thursday? What did Thursday ever do to you?


Mary said...

One fine day - in the distant past - all 9 members of a team under my supervision decided to give me the silent treatment. I ignored them all day. The next morning I called a meeting and thanked each and every one for respecting the fact that I had a lot of work to get through and asked if they could continue to be quiet for the rest of the week so I could catch up. Nothing kills the glow of bad children as well as appreciating their bad behavior. But then I was a real bitch.

Hang on - The weekend will be here in one more day.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Check out your power cord...wiggle it around and see if maybe there's a short or something. I have 3 friends whose laptops have quit because of bad power cords.

Susan said...

Sometimes taking the battery completely out and then putting it back in will help to. We just "fixed" my dad's by telling him to do that. (by we, I mean Shaun...I know nothing 'bout fixing computers!)

Moohaa said...

Wednesdays are my hate days. But hey, we all have them.

Hope your computer gets straightened out. Mine is a piecer, too, but hey, what can I do.

I say Hey too much. Sorry.

Love ya!

Lynn said...

Cats - gotta love 'em. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

So it's now Friday, so you are all cheerful and happy right?

My daughters hate one another, just be grateful it's just your cats!