Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Once again, whole post written, then deleted. I cannot talk about certain unrelated people here, as I worry that they read and the repercussions could be really bad. But I am pissed this morning. I am pissed that I cannot change this stupid situation. I have the upper hand but I am not strong enough (apparently) to do what I want to.....because I am either to much of a wimp, but really, it's because it just feels wrong. I have some seriously powerful people skills and I am stumped at this problem. The issue is a combination of actions and reactions, both of which are wrong, but try as I might, I cannot be different. It's getting old and could affect my life greatly if I can't get this under control. Dammit.


Gypsy said...

Dearest Jamie

I hope you find a way to solve this issue in a way you can live with. Good luck hon.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I know you'll solve this and when you will be right. In the meantime if you need to vent, email me. I'm always here for you, dear friend. Hugs. xo

Lynx217 said...

Same here, if ya need to vent, I'm here too. Never more than an email away. I'm dealing with much a similar problem wanting to vent about some people but cannot and will not because they can and/or do read my blog. Sometimes I just write and don't publish it, just filing it away in my journal. Whatever helps you.
By the way, thanks for stopping by to see me!

Lynx217 said...
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Moohaa said...

You are stronger than you think. All of us are when we need to be. Gird your loins, my dear, and getter done.

Big strength building hugs.

Travie said...

I think I need a phone call on this one.....i'm listening just like Frazier....
Love you!!

Leann said...

I agree that we are much stronger than we think we are. Generally we visualize confrontations to be much worse than what they truly turn out to be. Either way we're behind you to hold you up as you decide what to do in this situation.

I'm here to vent to. I know I'm a new friend, but I'm here. :-)

Smocha said...

Ha! Gird your loins.

It's always scary to gird ones loins.

I may have said this before, if so I of the best things my husband has taught me is to think "What's the worst that could happen?"

You know, if I do this, if I do that? OMG, it's a death march!

Well, usually when you actually answer that question honestly, it's never as bad as we dreamed up in our minds.

Good luck with whatever it is....just gird those loins and think of the REAL worst that could happen.