Sunday, December 13, 2009


The lights are hung, the shopping? Done.
The scrawny tree, in the corner. See?
The number of gifts no longer matters to me.

One or a million, the same...
Christmas can become such a game.
For me these days, it's no longer the craze.
It's about love and hope and joy,
Well that, and perhaps a toy
for the new love of my life, the boy.
Beyond that, it's the feeling of blessings and healing.
God takes away hurt and pain.
He sent his Son on this day, love from above
for me, He will forever reign.


Lena said...

Such a peaceful post. All seems right in your world.

Merry Christmas!

Lynn said...

Jamie - you made laugh out loud when I spotted your tag "bad bad poetry" - but you are being too modest! That is a wonderful heartfelt poem. And that boy - he looks positively squeezable!

Mary said...

Grandchildren have a way of putting the whole world in prespective. Isn't it great! You expressed it so well in your poem.

Gypsy said...

Your little tree looks gorgeous Jamie and speaking of gorgeous, just look at that bonnie boy. Isn't he just precious?

Golden To Silver Val said...

This is what its all about...the birth of our Savior, love of family and friends and most of all...our own deep felt feelings of joy and peace. May this holiday season be one of the best. Just hugging that sweet child would be enough for me. Love and hugs dear friend. xo

SOUL: said...

not too shabby for a gal who claims to have no talent. :))

that baby is just too much!
enjoy him!

happy sunday-

Leann said...

Children have a way of changing the way you look at the world. Wonderful, wonderful souls.

Travie said...

what a beautiful post!! I love what you had to say and really what it means. I love your little skinny tree!! Miss you and love you so much - Travie

could he be any cuter?????

Karen :-) said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment.
I'll be a regular visitor here. It's always nice to discover new blogs to read. :-)

Summer said...

I just want to squeeze that baby!

Maria said...

What a lovely little kewpie doll face.

LL Cool Joe said...

Wow there are a lot of presents under the tree!!

Christmas to me is all about the birth of Jesus, although it seems we aren't allowed to say that nowadays!