Friday, December 11, 2009

A little this, a little that...

I love Fridays. And this one should be a good one, however, it seems that when I anticipate a good Friday, something often goes I take that back. This day will be like any other.

It has been a crazy week. You saw the blizzard pics I posted..and that certainly has made life interesting around here. The whole city of Des Moines shut down all day on Wednesday. That was a first for me. The shopping malls didn't open, the state offices didn't open, streets and highways and interstates were just plain CLOSED. If you were just passing through, you might have gotten a big surprise. It was wild. There are cars in the ditches everywhere. Most of them are four wheel drives and that makes me laugh...idiots. Nothing like a little false sense of security to leave you stuck in tons of snow...and cold that equals twenty below zero. Dangerous, actually. Many people were stranded on the interstates and in ditches for literally hours in fifty mile an hour winds...until the national guard was sent out to rescue them. That had to be a scary situation for them...ugh. When I arrived back at work yesterday, it looked like I had landed on the moon. The snow and drifts on that car lot were something to really looked alot like the badlands...a crater here, a plateau there. Yes, I survived the blizzard of 09. And I don't want to see one ever again. I think maybe I should move south, then.

I hurt my knee in that damned waist deep snowdrift on Wednesday. I wrenched it or something, but it is swollen and OWWWWW. Stairs kill it. My knees aren't any good anyway, but now it's really something to complain about.

Otherwise, life is fine. I will finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow. I am looking forward to it this year, it just feels right.

Happy weekend, everyone.


Lynn said...

Ouch! Take care of that knee.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Thats how I first messed up MY knee. Be careful, dear friend. Baby it for a while and NO MORE wading through hip deep snow....k? We're having a heat wave tonight....its 18. Tomorrow I'm sleeping in and heaven help the poor person who wakes me up! LOLOLOLOLOL

Leann said...

Take care of yourself this weekend my dear and stay off that knee if possible.

Do people really live in Iowa? jk, but man what weather you must have!!

Enjoy your weekend but take care blessings

Summer said...

I just don't understand why people get in their cars and drive in a snow storm.

I hope your knee is better tonight.