Thursday, October 22, 2009

Red Chenille Blues

I hadn't spoken to Mark for three days, but last night I had to call him. It was really pretty nice, the quiet here, just me and my furballs, but it was okay seeing him, too. I had been missing his new kitten-Tonka-and he brought him with him when he came down last night. Tonka is now past the "thank you for saving my pitiful life" stage, and has moved on to the "I am a perfectly normal kitten and I think I will tear up your place" stage. He thinks he is big, bad and tough and tries to take on my very mad overgrown cats, who hiss and hiss and then run the other way when he gets too close.

In the middle of all that commotion that went on for nearly an hour, I was trying to clean up my place, as I have TWO (count them---TWO!!) sisters arriving tonight. I had the highest of hopes that I could get that work done right after I got home from the saltmines, but Janelle and Brodie came by to visit (at my insistence) and after I hoisted him around a few times and laughed and kissed and carried on, I was pretty pooped. I decided I would leave the heavy work to this morning and poured myself a beautiful beer with a lemon and took it to sit on the sofa with me. Somehow, it was knocked over by me, as I was trying to separate two kitties hissing. Over it went on the infamous RED BLANKET that had never been washed but had been de-cat-haired at least 416 times in the dryer. And onto the ottoman and onto the area rug, and from there, the wood floor. How does ONE little twelve-ounce beer look like the Mississippi river running from here to there? A half a roll of paper towels later, most of the mess was dry, if you didn't count my most favorite non-color of any kind t-shirt that I was wearing. I put the red blanket in the washer, along with a couple of towels and a pair of socks that was just waiting there, in the laundry basket. Good heavens, what a freakin' mess. RED CHENILLE threads and lints and pieces of string every frickin' place, and the socks and towels were ruined and the washing machine appeared nearly I used the other half of the roll of paper towels on that mess and into the dryer the whole wet ball of goop went. I have never in my life seen so much lint from one load of laundry. NEVER. I waited until everything was dry, and I got out the vacuum, and went to town. Holy crap. Never ever wash a red chenille anything. Just pitch it, even if your favorite and only grandson loves that red blanky. So, back to the sofa I went, settling down, forget the beer, it's late I'm tired and I just want to sleep. Next thing I know, kitty number one is barfing all over the ottoman, the rug...ugh. Kill me now.

And so it goes.

I am tired this morning, very little sleep last night, and I cannot lift my Brodie as I can hardly move this morning at all. I only carried him a little bit, and I will pay now for days. I still have to finish the housework but I will only do the necessities, and my sis's will have to live with it. Honestly, my place never looks bad, I am just a fanatic.

I am so excited to see my girls tonight. Sometimes only a sister (or two) will do.

Later. :)


Gypsy said...

These things always happen when we're expecting company. I'm sure your sisters won't even notice anything out of place as they will be just so pleased to see YOU.

SOUL: said...

don't sweat the small stuff-- obviously, the worst is over--- so what if you brezzed your beer-- and everything else? :))

all's well in jamie-land.
it's all worth it.. you saw the babwee-- the J -- and next, the sistahs-- and gypsys right-- they won't care one bit-- or most likely-- even notice.

enjoy your time with them!

Jules said...

Ahhhh abnormal chaos. It keeps life on it's toes.

Kisses to the sisters !

Brad said...

I know it's sick and twisted to laugh at your misfortune, but that was funny. Sorry about Brodies fav blanky. But COOL that your sis's are coming/there. All good here - I'm working up to posting soon - thought I'd better get around and catch up with everyone before I dive back in - XOXO to you!

Leann said...

Enjoy the sister visit. I know I wish mine were much closer so I could see them more.

Why is it cats can not just stay in one place and barf? They have to walk as they go and spread it everywhere. Honestly.

Enjoy the evening dear friend.

Cheryl said...

Don't you just hate it when stuff like that happens. You're just settling in to relax and wind up cleaning a mess. I can imagine the washer and dryer after that blanket. I'll remember never to buy one like that. And then the cat barfing? I'm with Brad. It did have me laughing, but in a good way.

I know you're having a great time with your sisters. Make some memories with your girls.


Lena said...

Thinking of you having a blast with the girls.


sisters are the best medicine ever--and even more so when mom goes to heaven--because then it's like mom is with you times 3-one for you, one for your sister, one for your other sister..
kinda like the trinity-except-not.

i was, however, laughing my butt off about your hole in the bucket situation. only you (and me) but in a funny, I will laugh about this some day, kinda way. :)