Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bullet point post

I have exactly eight minutes to write this post. I have been running late every morning this week, and I have no idea why. So, we will jut do a bit of a bullet type post this morning, which will work just fine, since as usual--I have very little (that's interesting) to say.
  • New kitty is awesome - I am jealous that Mark wanted him, I LOVE him. And yes, it's a him and No, he still has no name. I visit him at least twice a day ---- Mark just wants to call him Kitty, Jordy named him Tonka, and I call him Jack. Poor, confused kitty.
  • My cat--Meisha---went berserk when she saw him, it actually shocked me. She can be one UGLY mad kitty when she wants to be.
  • Had a bit of a problem with my youngest this week, in the interest of privacy I cannot say what, but I can say that it's hell being just the mom sometimes, especially to children that are supposedly grown. Sometimes, they need someone to just do it for them---which I would love to do, or someone to spank them, which I would also love to do. All I can do is love him, and help as much as someone else CAN help. The rest has to be up to him.
  • Work is boring-boring-boring, nothing much happening there. I am wondering if this will be the first money-losing month I have seen since I have been there, which will be bad for everyone, including me, as I need the bonus at the end of the month. Money is becoming an issue, as I have had LOTS of extra expenses this month. I am thinking about taking on a second job, but seriously wonder if I can literally stand up to it.
  • I am already hating the cold - and it has only just begun. One not so wonderful thing about this new apartment, the upstairs gets HOT and the downstairs is cold. I expected that I suppose, but the reality is a bit of a pain in the butt. My ceiling from the main floor is about twenty-five feet, so where else would all that heat go?
  • Time's up. Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, this is so pretty! I just love Pyzam backgrounds!

Yes, cats can be very "catty"! :-) My insiders are not at all amused about my collection of outsiders that they watch me pet and feed.

I liked it much better when our kids were small, then you really could do it for them AND spank them and it all worked out. At some point they gotta learn it on their own, but it is so frustrating as a mom at times.

I suggest a small ceramic heater for your downstairs living room. YOu can get ones that are cool the the touch so your little guy or kitties would be safe. We do that and a fan for the hot room - save a lot on heating/AC bills for the whole house.

Our work continues to go very slow too, some great days but mostly not. John's place has laid off more help and is now planning to cut pay. God help us all. But the expenses keep going up.

Send me just a little of that snow, then you can keep the rest! :-)

Love you! Week coming to an end quickly, hallelujah!

SOUL: said...

just wondered-- did you manage to finish in 8 minutes or less?
happy weekend-

SOUL: said...

one syllable names aren't usually good for animals-- but ox could be ok. or not.

Lena said...

Love your background! So uplifting!

I know, I am always surprised when my cat acts like... a cat!

Hope you get your bonus!!

Bina said...

I wonder if our kids are around the same age and how long you have been reading my blog, and how much you know about my boys? They are 23 (on October 26) and 21. And wow. That's all I can say right now.

My daughter has a cat, Ashes, that she got when she was 4. His stray mother had him and three others in our boat. When he was six months old, another stray (we lived in the country) had kittens in our shed. We brought them in and you would have thought Freddie Crouger came in the house the way that cat acted. He ran up one side and down the other of my daughter and I actually had to take her to the doctor and she still has scars to this day on her chest. That was 10 years ago!

Leann said...

I feel your pain both as a mother and someone seeking part time employment. I am in the same ship, which it turns out may be lacking a paddle :-)

Have a great weekend dear friend.

Golden To Silver Val said...

oh I EVER know what you're going through...been there, done that so many times I've lost count. Guess NEVER ends! But whatcha gonna do...we love them with all our hearts. Maybe a good name for the new cat (something manly)...Ralph or Morris or Norton. My friend named her cute Ragdoll cat Norman and I have to laugh every time she calls him. He does NOT look like a Norman. LOL Have a great weekend.

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