Sunday, September 20, 2009

The new place

Another beautiful day on the horizon. I have been busy, but today I am going to take it easy and watch the race and be laZy with a capital Z. Here are the pics of my new place ----it still needs a few things, like paint with color, but I always run out of money before I run out of ideas. Happy Sunday!

The view from my balcony.

Two very lazy kitties.

The view from my bedroom.

The living room, from upstairs.

Part of the upstairs bathroom and laundry room/closet

My bedroom.

The balcony --- and Trav, just for you----a clock you can't miss!!!

The entry way/hallway.

The stairway.

Some of the second story windows.

LR again.


Andrew said...

The apartment looks incredible. It is just beautiful. I love how you have decorated it. I would feel right at home!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful and really modern, quiet and peaceful too. I hope you'll enjoy your new home.


I LOVE IT! I love your style, and I love all the light in that place! It's beautiful, trendy, comfortable, and I could sleep for weeks on those couches!! Enjoy your haven, you deserve it!!

SOUL: said...

i hope you love IT TEEEEWWW---
hope those stairs don't become a problem...

Smocha said...

Ditto what they all said! I also love it!

I wish this place looked any where near that :(

Cheryl said...

It's bright and beautiful and it looks like everything is put away. Are you relieved? Now your home can be your haven. Welcome home :)

Leann said...

It is fantastic and I can say quite honestly I'm jelous!! So much space and light. Boo.

I love the view from the balcony and that you even HAVE a balcony!!

I'm so very happy for you, above all that petty jelousy :-)

Enjoy the new digs.

p.s....I always run out of money before ideas also :-)

Brad said...

I really like all the light and everything so new and fresh - May it always be a comfortable restful place for you -

Moohaa said...

What a beautiful home!! No wonder you got it! :) And you have the picture I WANT. The one with the winter/trees/mist above your couch. A friend of mine had that and I am in LOVE with it. Ok, I'm done.

Anyway, all that light is just amazing, I despise darkness in a home and yours is so bright!! The view isn't bad either.

Enjoy friend!!

Leann said...

You were my inspiration. thank you for that.

Golden To Silver Val said...

OMG...I LOVE it.....its so homey and cozy. I love that its so light and cheerful. Yes, I don't blame you for loving it and you have decorated it so well. A nice place to snuugle into this cold, cold winter!! Only one thing you need that you don't have....ME sitting on that great couch having a cup of coffee and sharing stories with you!! LOL. Big hugs.

Stephers said...

adorable! i love how where ever you go its always so homey and comfee looken! cant wait to see you love you xoxo