Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesdays I get a little sideways

The weekend came and went way too fast. I had such a good time, with my sister and all of my kids, I can't even tell you. It just went by so quickly---and that is probably a good thing because yesterday at work, I felt sort of like I had been on a three day drunk..and that wasn't even in the picture at all. I guess I am just getting old - veer even a little bit off of the routine for me and it takes me a couple of days to recover. How sad is that? Trav always is the best medicine for my life. She makes me think outside the Jamie box-which has never been very square or box-like (for that matter), a new perspective, fresh eyes. Suddenly, things look completely different. Her truth is like mine - REAL - but, often her reasons or examples differ, and that's where the different view comes in. If you' all knew me very well, you would know what a miracle this is...I am pretty strong willed and have my own way of doing and thinking. Very few can get past the bars in the jail cell of my own way of seeing things. I always give others a new chance, one more time, I'll try it again. I have never, ever been able to do that with myself, Trav helps me a lot with letting go and getting on with it. She lived the nightmare of the worst period of my life growing up, right along with me. I honestly do believe that creates bonds that cannot be broken. In many ways she had the worst of the bad---she was older. I wanted to protect her then, and still feel that way about many things....but she is the one I call on when life has gone completely awry. Sisters - what would we do without them?

My Craig left last Friday morning. He was in Fort Collins in record time. He is happy and having a wonderful time, I can hear it in his voice, so how could I wish he had not moved? I will just have to get in my car and turn left soon.

I have been making myself crazy over an apartment I looked at a few weeks ago, and then again, and then again, I think I must have looked at it about five times now. I want it so badly - it is in the same group as the one I have now, but in the new building. It is beautiful, and seriously is my dream place. However, there are things that it does not have that this one does, but there are things it has that the one I live in now does not. It would cost me virtually the same money, but it only a one bedroom (this one is a two bedroom). It has about a gazillion stairs in it, (it is a loft) and one of the reasons that I moved into this building was that should I ever become unable to walk again, there would be no issues like in my old house - Mark carrying me up and down the stairs on his back. The location is awesome - this location is not - the balcony is awesome - this one is great but not awesome - the light in this place is a dream, here it is not. UGH - I am usually so decisive, but this time I just cannot make up my mind. I keep dragging my feet thinking that it will be rented to someone else and then I won't have to decide what to do, but so far, it's still waiting for me to move in. My current place has a fireplace that I LOVE, the other one doesn't. I could go on and on....

Happy Tuesday friends. I need to get off my butt and get my day started. :)


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you had a great weekend, you were long overdue for some fun! Your indecisiveness sounds just like me, somedays I have a hard time even deciding what shirt I want to put on, much less the more complicated issues. Maybe we have used up our quota of "good decisions" in recent years?? :-) I'm thinking in time our batteries will recharge and it will come easier. The new place you are looking at sounds great, but be very wary of all those stairs, they can be so not fun. I am loving the photos of this adorable little man in your sidebar, wow, what a cutie! :-)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh yes...dear friend...stairs are a big no-no. I simply could not afford to move so I had to pay out $3k to have my laundry facilities moved to an alcove off my kitchen....thank God I had that space. Otherwise I just don't know what I would have done. I have not been down to my basement in MONTHS. The stairs just hurt so much. Please give it a tremendous amount of thought before you make such a move. Keep looking around...maybe you'll find something that you will love even more. Besides having an extra bedroom is perfect for when grandma has sweet baby visits.
Hope your day is a good one....weather-wise, our day is absolutely perfect. Big hugs....love Charlotte

ac said...

I envy your relationship with your sister. I don't have that with mine. :-( But hey! I live vicariously through you anyway, so give my virtual sis, Trav, a hug, and have a big one for yourself too. xo ac

Moohaa said...

I'm so glad you have a sister who loves you. What a relationship. I only have brothers and am not exceptionally close to either one.

Really think about that place and the stairs. Our last apartment had stairs and though I loved the layout, the stairs killed me each morning. Here at our new place there are no stairs and I love it. I can stumble around when I need to.. or limp as the case may be.

You sound good today. Enjoy it!

Cheryl said...

I too am so happy that you and Trav have each other. I have one sister close, and another that I wish was.

What will come of the apt.? Can't wait to find out.

SOUL: said...

I'm never trusting my stupid sidebar thing again. ... Of course i wasnt online all day lpng, but when i was it didnt say you updated til this time! Ugh guess i'll just stumble over next time

happy you had a good time with trav. Does she know she's everyones dream sister? :))

soooo, this apartment? I understand a smaller place-- but stairs???? I think hou should teally think about that one. K ?

I'm fixin ta go into sleep blog mode- check out time

gnite girlie

Anonymous said...

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