Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today will be a long day for me at work - we are open from 7:30 each day until 5:30 in the evening. I generally go in at seven or seven thirty and leave by three or three thirty, or sometimes even two thirty...I have the option of leaving when my work is finished. I enjoy more freedom now than I ever have had, at my old dealership where I was the head kazig, I could do as I please, but the work never, ever ended. So, I was there more than sixty hours a week. You would think that I would be grateful for my new "short" hours, wouldn't you? I am, however...I don't know what to do with myself when I get home mid-afternoon. Plus, I have taken a thirty-thousand dollar pay cut for this job, so it seems right in my head that my hours are so short. I still make good money, I just made alot where I was before-and every damned penny of it was earned, (just sayin'). I have been very fortunate in the salary department in my life, but I also have worked my ass off in my time. I am good at what I do, but I am used to being in charge. It is difficult to walk into the service department where I am now and see the guys playing around on the computer, on company time. It amazes me that no one that should gives a damn about it. They work when they have to --- and the department is profitable, but how much MORE profitable could it be if everyone was either turning the wrench or on their own time? I am not a gestapo type boss - I never have been. I have my own way of doing things, and generally I get my point across directly, everyone knows what's expected. In this place, I only have two others in my department and they are both women. To say that is a difficult situation for me is an understatement. Women are so sensitive, and I am not, not in the workplace. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Here, I have had to take it slow, and be careful. I do think it's paying off. But I work until five thirty, as the girl that generally comes in late and stays late is taking an unpaid day off. We are just not that busy---and there is alot of time wasted in my department. This is not a mandatory time off situation, I merely asked the girls is they would be interested in a thirty two hour week, instead of a forty hour week. They both jumped on it. We are not particularly slow, there just inst enough work for three full timers, and no one above me seems to care. I suppose it shouldn't worry me if it doesn't worry the owners..but if I were in their shoes and I walked into my accounting office, and two of my three employees were playing around with farmtown on facebook, that would send me over the edge. In fact, it sends me over the edge now. Both of my girls were happy with an extra day off, even without we will do this until early fall and then we'll re-evaluate. The owners thought this was a great (if novel) idea. Good Heavens....


Moohaa said...

It almost sounds like you enjoy being a workaholic. I know when my husband has to work with other contractors, he gets really frustrated. He is a maniac at work and seeing other people screwing around drives him crazy.

Here's to your day being a really busy one.. just enough to keep you going.

As for Farmtown on Facebook? I don't get the attraction. Yawn! ;)

Golden To Silver Val said...

I also hate to see employees playing around when they should be working. The computers all have filters and firewalls on them where I can't get into a site to play a game or even shop. I see a lot of abuse still going on....personal phone calls way too frequent, not to mention inter-office visiting, too many breaks and over-extended lunch periods. But...I'm not the big boss so I just do my job and keep my thoughts to myself. I was raised to give 100% on my job and I always have...I have a hard time understanding people who don't.

LastStand said...

I envy people that get to play online at work. If I could do that, I'd be happy to go in every day.

desert dirt diva said...

yea jamie its so good to see you, and your grandson is sooooooooooooo cute congrats.....glad to see your working.. and it now has been 5 days since i had that last cig....tbe back tomorrow..
HUGS Vicki

SOUL: said...

well, good heavens :)) -- how did i miss this post? hmmm.

anyhow--- i was wondering if you figured out your yahoo? cuz i figured out mine. it was doin the exact same thing for a while... know what it was? why i was gettin kicked out every time i got in on my computer? because i was logged in on my phone. that's why.
so- if you are logged in on your phone-- just sign out on there.. and voila!
problem solved.
talk to me. ya know-- all those messages you never got-- might be on your phone somewhere. hmmm. don't ask me where-- i'm new at the phone thing.
picture it-- les-incompetant-soul...with an I-Phone. ugh.

update woman.
i'm fixin to.

SOUL: said...

i just came by to look at brodie :))

Cheryl said...

Hi Jamie,
My kind of work is so different. If I'm not working, I'm not making any money at all. I'm lucky not to have time to play on the computer. Maybe your bosses will realize what gem they have in you and give you a position with some meat in it. Have you thought about taking on a second job just for the fun of it? Is there such a thing? Like being a cashier at Home Depot or Barnes and Noble. Something very part-time to fill up your day. Just a thought.

Brodie is adorable!