Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's the little things

Thanks to my little bundles of fur - their meowing and meandering all night got me up way too early. Too much on my mind to get back to sleep, I guess. I am already tired and have a long day to look forward to. I could ramble on here about what is keeping me awake, or I could perhaps steal an idea from a fellow blogger and write about many of the small things in my life that make me least doing that has some benefit to me, and maybe to you? We all have problems, each and every day, but how often do we talk or even think of the little things that make the happy moments of our lives?

The little things I love:

The moment that I walk in the door from work - the kitties come running, their eyes still dogs, they greet me at the door each day. I talk to them like they are people, asking if they had good days, if they had been good kitties..geesh, yes I know. Don't say it.

The feeling on Saturday mid-day, when my house is all clean and I have nothing I have to do until the next Monday morning. I love looking at the gleaming surfaces of the floors, the furniture, the freshly made beds.

The first sip of coffee each morning is like a taste of heaven. A bold blend of Folgers (so sue me, it's the kind I like) with just the right amount of cream added.

The first look at my grandson, each time he visits me. I see him at least once a week, sometimes twice - but each time he visits, at first glance of him I am reminded what a miracle he is.

The moment I walk out of the service department exit from work and get into my car. Pure freedom.

Seeing my adult children happy. It doesn't happen often enough in my view, but when it does, there is no greater feeling for their mom.

Getting out of the damned pantyhose that holds it all in at work, and into my fading, HUGE, extra-large leopard print pajama pants and faded t-shirt, each day after work. up, makeup off. I love wearing things that are way too big for me.

The chaise lounge part of my sectional sofa. Climbing in and out of that beige, overgrown, microfiber covered bag of duck feathers is a bitch, but once I am there, pure comfort.

A Michelob ultra (with lemon added) most days after work. The first sip brings about the release of the tension that has built up in my neck during the day.

The feeling of accomplishment each month at work when I get the previous month put behind me, the new month's numbers and entries begun. Even better if the past month was a big money-maker.

Clean, cool sheets on my bed when I am oh-so-tired and in pain. Evenings are so painful for me, that first moment in bed, the pain medications finally beginning to help...pure happiness.

Coming in from a long, difficult, fast walk---when I am able. The accomplishment I feel is beyond wonderful. The sweat of knowing I managed, my leg muscles jumping...awesome.

And what small things make your life happy?


SOUL: said...

Nuthin like a gratitude list in the middt of chaps eh ?
What makes me hapy ?

SOUL: said...

What makes me unhappy? Fat fingers and morming blindness :))
that was
midsts of chaos... Not the typo gibberish that ened up there.
happy humpday

Golden To Silver Val said...

1. being inside and cozy with no reason to go outside when the weather is bad.
2. having a full pantry
3. comfy 'at home' clothes...and yes, I like them way too big for me too. I have several t-shirts that nearly go to my knees....LOVE them.
4. being greeted by my pet when I come home...doesn't matter if I'm been gone for 5 minutes or 8 hours, she acts like she hasn't seen me in months and is beside herself with happiness, which rubs off onto me. And yes...I talk to her too. Sounds crazy but only an animal lover/owner would understand.
5. Crawling into a bed with everything freshly laundered with that heavenly smell. My favorite used to be lined dried sheets, but can't have that anymore. They should invent fabric softener that smells just like that.
6. my grandchildren putting their arms around my neck and exclaiming that they love me. Every one of them tells me that I smell good and OH BOY does that just make your heart sing.
7. a good book. One that I just can't put down. There have been several in my life and I will usually read those more than once.
8. the smell of freshly mowed grass.
9. my morning cup of coffee which is like pure gold to me. I buy the Dunkin' Donuts brand and grind the beans. If I can't get that, I use good old fashioned 8 o'clock and grind the beans.
10. Enough in my bank account to pay my bills each month with a little left over for emergencies or maybe....some fun.

My list is simple and maybe I'll print it out to remind myself that when I get discouraged over some senseless drama, I need to just look at the list and smile. Thanks for this post Jamie. Big hugs, Charlotte xxoo

desert dirt diva said...

this is a good post..heres my list;o.k i'll RIN it down on my blog for all the world to see.....have a good day

Smocha said...

I loved this post :)

I'll have to steal the idea since I haven't written a decent post in forever.

Happy Thursday!

Maria said...

NOTHING beats being in the middle of a really good book.

Cheryl said...

The things that make you happy made me happy! I'll steal that post idea one day too.