Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday stuff

I haven't meant to be away for nearly a week, I can't really even say why I have been. I have computer problems, we are a three computer household, and the only one that works is the oldest one, once it gets going, it's great, but getting it revved up and ready takes forever. Two have to go to the computer shop, but the one that we use is a couple hours south of here, finding the time to get there is a bit of a problem.

Today is my middle child's 25th birthday. Happy birthday Craig. You're awesome, wonderful, and this year is going to be the ONE. I love you.

I have spent this short week working - and running to various appointments. I have seen doctors, therapists, and today, we close on the house that we have finally sold. That's a good, but sad thing.

My job still blows but I am trying not to care. It pays.

I am on different medications and can feel some improvement. I have the sinus infection from hell and am taking an antibiotic. I have found a new doctor - a gp, that I really like. That's always a plus.

Goodbye old friend. You served my family well---you were used and abused and loved and well taken care of. You kept us safe and happy and warm and I thank you. I will miss you but the time has come - you need a new family..with lots of kids and dogs and activity. You need to feel the stomp of sons and daughters running up and down your stairs yelling "MOM!" again. You have stood here-proud and tall- for 107 years. Imagine the next 107! Thanks for every memory, you will never, ever be forgotten.

Happy Friday.


ac said...

Happy B'day to the middle child! Congrats on selling the house although I can see it is a mixed blessing for you. Glad you found a doctor you like. That's a major accomplishment! Happy Friday my friend. Have a good weekend.

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday to your son and congrats on selling the house -- bittersweet, I know.

Cheryl said...

I missed you this week. I can see why you feel nostalgic about this's a beauty. Like you said, it needs the love of a young and full family. I hope that's who gets it next.

Happy birthday Craig! Have a good weekend Jamie.

The Middle Aged Woman said...

I know how you feel about your house.

Feel better soon.


Golden To Silver Val said...

Just checkin' in. I haven't been around much either...had my nose stuck in a book lately and before that I really have no excuse except time just gets away from me. It flies you know! Hope all is well. Love and hugs, Charlotte.