Sunday, May 24, 2009


This is what I got to do all day yesterday.

Guess what? He thinks his Grandma is pretty funny.

Happy weekend. :)


Cheryl said...

Morning Jamie,

If all you got to do was spend time with your grandson, it sounds like a good day. No running around, no lists of all the things you should be doing, just taking care of someone who needs you. Oh, right, you do that a lot:) Well, this one's an innocent. And adorable. Look at those eyelashes!

Do you have to work the ice cream store today? Any other plans? I hope you get to take it easy. That store is too hard on you.

My day should be nice and easy. Hope yours is too.

Smocha said...

Oh he's so adorable and sweet!!!!!!
You're sooo lucky to be a granny:))

Kathy said...

Jamie, he is BEAUTIFUL!! He's so alert---seems to be following his wonderful grandmother's every step! And now the fun begins...and the wonder...and love that is just way to deep to explain and it only gets better.

SOUL: said...

he looks like he's trying to figure out where that snort came from. :))
your life will never be the same.
i may be just a little bit jealous-- i want one-- one that i can give back when i want to.
he has some good hair even.. you should give him a mowhawk next time-- right before he gets picked up :))

hope your day is good today


he is so beautiful! And sounds like just the right medicine for you!! !:) thinking of you!

ac said...

I think I'm in love.

Mary said...

What a precious, sweet bundle of joy!! You are making memories that you will treasure forever. He is perfect - healthy, handsome, and content. Your new journey through life has just begun. Congrats!!

Golden To Silver Val said...

I know what you're feeling.....the wonder of it all...that sweet baby fragrance and the little sounds they make when they are nuzzling your neck. He's such a pretty baby....look at all that hair! Yep....this is what its all about. Much love to you all.

The Middle Aged Woman said...

Awwww....he's so CUTE!

SOUL: said...

i'm still waiting to hear what happened at the doctor????
are you ok.. where are you?
how are you???

Brad said...

The boys got good taste in comedy and grandmothers.

desert dirt diva said...

con grats your baby grand baby is so cute...i wanna a one