Friday, May 22, 2009

Blah blah blah

I'm up late again this morning, it has become my usual routine. Pretty funny for an almost in her fifties woman to NOT be able to get her old butt out of bed in the mornings. I can't say if all the sleeping is physical or mental. Either way, it's completely out of character for me.

My big doctor day was a bust. My first appoointment was with a shrink. Yes, a therapist. No, I am not proud of it, and yes, I still think the whole deal is hokey - I make fun of dr phil, you all know that. But if I don't get some kind of help soon, I am going to be forced to do something that would be completely out of character for me. It's hell to need help, at least for me. I am the HELPER, not the HELPEE. In any event, it went okay, she decided that I am depressed. Umm..yes. I know that, all of you here know that, even Ray Charles could see that...(if he weren't dead). So, medication is in order, and that was a relief because I do need it. She is only a therapist, and cannot prescribe and I knew that before I saw her, but no problem, as I was on the way to see my neurologist right after, and I knew he would be more than helpful with the prescription. However, a funny thing happened on the way to see him. My appointment was cancelled. AGAIN. By him. "The doctor is sick, we have to cancel your appointment". That was left on my machine, about an hour before I was to be there. I have tried to call them, I have left a message, I have heard nothing back. So, I am left wondering what the hell to do now. And--I am still in raging physical pain, and needing a scrip for medication that will keep me from going postal on the women in my office... And I am seriously worried about my doc - there must be something terribly wrong.

A day in the life of me.

How are things in your world?

Happy Friday. :)


Kathy said...

Things in my world are great! I wish, however, that yours would be, too. Really weird about the doctor. Sounds ominous, doesn't it?

Smocha said...

You will feel so much better once you get on the meds :))

Cheryl said...

How frustrating. You can't get in touch with the office, and you can't get your meds. And you're worried about the doctor. What will you do? Also, it takes a strong person to seek help. That's you.

SOUL: said...

i know you're short on time, but you're GP can fill that script too.
and yes, that is very strange about your neuro doc. does he practice alone or does he have a partnership? perhaps if he has a partner, he could at least refill the pain meds until you can be seen again... if not-- again, maybe your GP will, if you take the bottle in ?? and explain that your neuro is canceling your appointments etc. that is easily verified.
sorry you're going through so much, but am hoping you find a way to get the meds you need. fast.

hope you have a good weekend. is it a long one for you? i hope so.

The Middle Aged Woman said...

I'm so sorry.


UGH!! HUGSSSS right back to you.
Don't worry, I think Dr Phil is a chooch..sometimes just having a person that isn't emotionally linked to your life to talk with can help.

Thinking of you..sorry about all the pain.


Golden To Silver Val said...

Stuff like this just burns my butt. You need a script but doctor is OUT. Sometimes I wonder if they forget that they are dealing with PEOPLE here and not just some stats on a chart. I would call another doctor and ask him for the script. Your well-being is priority here. I do realize doctors are people too and they have LIFE issues just like we do....but in their position you would think they would have a back-up plan....their patients depend on them.
I hope you find some relief soon. Try and relax over this holiday weekend...(try not to fall on the floor laughing over that one). Big hugs!

abbagirl74 said...

Good lord! 5 am is sleeping in? How early do you get up?