Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wednesday Stuff

It's Wednesday already...where do the days GO?

I have had a very busy and stressful week at work so far, I am trying to close the month (February), and the way that I have always done that and the way that my new employer wants it done is a bit different, combine that with the mistakes from the previous months, and I have a mess on my hands. I hope to have it behind me today...

I bought a television on Sunday. No, I technically couldn't afford it, but like I said earlier, I have zero life, and without the tv---I am left with very quiet kitties. It is way smaller than I am used to, but fine for me. Now, I just need to get the old monstrosity out of the entryway....Mark says he will take the old one back down to the house and have it fixed. Yesterday wouldn't be soon enough, you can't open the front door without running into it. I was fortunate to have Janelle with me when I bought it, and Craig available to carry it up to my apartment and set it up for me. Men do come in handy from time to time --- especially when things need moved and hauled and carried and put together. One thing I did find surprising --- when Craig (my son) put the extremely cheap stand together, I did not hear one swear word. NOT ONE. I thought that every matter who, how old, whatever, swore at furniture that needs put together, because inevitably, the pieces are not all there, the pre-drilled holes do not line up...etc. That was a nice surprise. In fact, the whole ordeal went very well. For me to ask someone for help, of any kind, is really difficult. I am very grateful for my kids.

I am off to start my day. It will be a long one, but I am going to get the past month out of my hair---I don't care if it harelips the governor. Then tonight, girls night out - dinner with Janelle and Stephanie. Woo Hoo!

Happy Hump Day. :)


fiwa said...

Good for you on the t.v.

I hope once you get this month out of your hair maybe things will get a little easier.


Terri said...

enjoy that new television! glad the work is going better than the stops and starts of last year. I hope (and think I see) progress on your journey. Happy healing girl!

josie2shoes said...

It's past noon now, so you have undoubtedly survived the first half of the day and are making progress toward writing the last crummy month off the books. Girls night out is an AWESOME idea and a much deserved chance for you to kick back and have a little fun. I know you're gonna whip that new workplace into shape in no time! God certainly sent you where you were needed - as He always does! Have fun tonight, I'll be smiling thinking of you!

Cheryl said...

I need a man to help me bring a monstrosity of a TV downstairs. We use it for the Wii and it's been upstairs in Em's room since Christmas. I want to do the Fit again. But I have to wait. And I hate to wait for help.

Are you loving your TV? Hi-def, I hear. Aren't they amazing?

Smocha said...

I need a man to take out all the trash I have stashed in my garage while it was cold. lol

I hope the job gets "fabulous" soon!


Brad said...

"I don't care if it harelips the governor"

---I freakin love that saying - never heard that before.

ac said...

I almost bought a new tv yesterday. Decided to change the cable box thingie to see if that would make the pixilated lines through the face of everyone on the thing go away. We traded in the old box for a different one (not new.. just different) and WA LA! I didn't have to buy a tv. I'm back from Boston. I didn't freeze. I didn't break a hip walking on ice. I didn't get lost in New York City. Life is good. ha You sound better than when I left. Keep going that direction. hugs! xoxox ac