Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday morning coming down

Sunday morning, again. The days fly by faster each week, another sign of old age, or so I have been told. It has been a good weekend, I have managed to accomplish a few things, although today I have plans to do only the have - to's, I am not feeling the best. It seems that some of my old issues - weak legs, pain..some of the things that were going on almost a year and half ago now, before my surgery, are returning. It has me scared, because there is no other "fix" for the problem. I am hoping that these problems are only a side effect of the huge problems I am going through and not a sign of things to come.

In other news: I survived the birthday, pretty much unscathed. My kiddos took me to dinner and it was a good time.

Mark and I have spent the weekend here, doing some things that have needed doing for a while. We still have a couple things left, they will be completed this morning, and he will get back on the road. It has been okay. We have had some good moments and some really bad ones. I would like to say that I can tell which direction our relationship is headed, but I do not. I thought things were going along pretty well but we hit a wall...and its starting to look unfixable. Details are not necessary but I will say that we are having huge troubles over the most basic of things, and it surprises both of us.

I want to sincerely thank all of you --- all of my blog friends for all the support you have shown me for more than two years now. There are days when I feel like if it weren't for each of you, there would be no smiles anywhere. You know I love you. Happy Sunday friends. :)


Cheryl said...

I'm with you on the blog friends. Cyber friends or not, we're real, but only a fellow blogger would know it.

I get a lot of support with my problems from my clients, but sometimes, like your picture says, you just don't want to talk about it. It doesn't help. I'm glad, though, that you let us in. We are friends. And you're up awfully early.

Smocha said...

Oh , I missed your birthday. Happy Late Birthday!

I think time speeding by is a good sign. It means you have some sort of a life going on :)

I hope things smooth out for you and SOON!


Raine said...

You know I thought that by now when I am heading up towards fifty, my life would be safe , sane and secure. My only worry should be getting thru menopause. However life is not co-operating. Its the same for you. I dont have any answers but I am reading and wishing you the best of everything. They say change is good. I however often want to kick them in ass LOL


Why does it always seem like life takes shitty pitfalls in 3's? sometimes more like 30's?

It's like a back and forth game of tennis (YUCK! no offense if you like the game). I just keep praying that you get some repreive (sp??) and that all things are good.

I don't like that your nerves are feeling out of whack in regards to your legs and that worries me. Please (I know I know) please be careful.

Just think, this time next year Brodie will be crawling and maybe even walking around Grandma's house!!! :)


Kathy said...

Change may be good, but it is NEVER easy.
I'm sorry you're going through all this stuff. If what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, some of us should be like Titans!

SOUL: said...

hey there-- just came by to say hello--
and to let you know the kitty puuurrrfect.

Summer said...

And thank you for being a friend to me. I'm doing ok. It's been a rough pain/feeling sick day. I hate this RA crap. I haven't felt much like blogging, or commenting on blogs, as I don't feel like I have anything useful to say. Sounds like a pity party to me. Ha. Anyway, I'm fine really, just hating life these days.

Mary said...

Stress is the worst enemy of our body. If anything is the least bit out of order stress multiplies it times ten.

I'm sorry you and Mark hit a wall. Working things out is very hard for couples but I'm so glad that the two of you are trying. If there is no fix at least you both know that you tried. Wondering what might have been if only you had tried it a sad story.

There is a line in an old time country song that says "I'd rather be sorry for something I've done than for something that I didn't do." I've quoted that line to myself on many occasions.

I'm thinking of you and praying for a calm resolultion to any and all things that are stressing you. Love to you.

desert dirt diva said...

I'm sorry you really have to go threw things and i truly hope you and mark fix things... sometimes its hard to see the things we forget to look at, there for they seem unfixable..

well take care

ac said...

I agree. Blog friends are the greatest!

Things will sort themselves out. They may take their dear sweet time doing it but they will. Take good care Jamie. Hugs! ac

Brad said...

I Love You. In that special bloggy kinda way!