Monday, March 16, 2009

Random pics

Mason, this morning---he's become the best companion...even if he IS a little demanding.

The window - the curtains, are part of the busy Saturday this past weekend. It took a while to get the rod hung, the wrinkles out of the panels, and that scarf placed--just right. New -- small--tv on the left. I am adjusting to the size and it's so wonderful to be able to watch it anytime..and then TURN IT OFF. Ahh, it's the little things in life, you know?

And then, look at the pic I found on my camera...must have been taken last week. She still has two months to go, and I am thinking he will be a linebacker.

Happy Monday.


Cheryl said...

Janelle looks great. Two weeks? Time seems to have flown by.

There's a lot to be said for having your own place....

Happy Monday :)

SOUL: said...

i love it---
the window
the kid
the belly
and ya know what?
YOU sound GOOD today--
love ya

Kathy said...

The room is VERY classic looking! Brava!
It makes me smile to see a healthy-looking pregnant lady. Keep us posted.
Did I read correctly that she has two more full months to go?

Kathy said...

PS You gotta love Mason!

ac said...

Awwww... I love seeing these pics. Janelle is beautiful and looks healthy. The room is perfect! The kitty is purrfect too. Happy Monday Jamie! Have a good week. Hugs! ac

fiwa said...


Those drapes look great - I really like how you've decorated the room. Can I come hang out on your sofa and gab with you?

Janelle looks great - I can't believe she only has two months left. Seems like it was just yesterday.

I hope this is a good week for you.
Love you -

M Chickk said...

Your room is beautiful and so is your daughter!! Not to mention, BIG! Two more months, huh? Wow!

Portia said...

It is the little things, I try to remember that. Great pictures, especially of Janelle! It's cool to see what you've got going on at home too. It always looks so clean and comfy too:)

Golden To Silver Val said...

I love the room....its warm and inviting, just like I knew it would be. I just love sectionals and finding one that's pleasing to the eye is difficult right now....I know, I've been searching. Yours is PERFECT.
Personally, I like living alone even though it does have some drawbacks.
Have a wonderful day and go easy on the green beer! LOLOLOLOL

Brad said...

I want to come curl up on your couch, hang out and watch TV. The place looks very comfy and inviting.

Mama? well she just looks uncormfortable! poor baby(s)!


I love your decorating style. Very comfortable and contemporary.

Janelle has the glow!! So cute!!!!