Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday woe's

For a person who shall remain nameless but SHE will know who she is.... Ahem..okay, it's for you Janelle, and obviously for obvious reasons, it is for past behavior

And for my sister who cannot remember the song that I named yesterdays post after:

And for the rest of you...

this day is ugh. Yesterday, temps in the 60's sun shining...this morning--rain/snow mix, COLD. I feel crappy on the outside and on the inside.

February has never been my favorite month...once March arrives, I usually decide I might live.

Happy Humpday.



desert dirt diva said...

woo hoooooooooooooo first first yep thats me today,lol....welp that song drinkin and dialin again well that was me with smocha this and bloody marys i should say...ughhhhhhhhhhh, thank god she holds nothing i do against me... and congrats on the anniversary.....i think thats awsome....hope all is well in your world

Portia said...

Dang I'm at work so I miss out on the videos for now, but I sure know what you're talking about February. Winter just needs to end already and give us the sun back for good!
A happy humpday, and hugs to you:)

SOUL: said...

just sayin howdy..hope your day is good

Mary said...

Drinkin' and dialin' can cause real problems - just ask Harry!

I thought yesterday's title might relate to the song. Sometimes it really does.

Hope your hump day turns out to be a winner.

Brad said...

I'm totally up for skipping Feb. But can't we just proceed straight to May?

Cheryl said...

Here's to March, April, May, etc.. And feeling better on the inside and outside.

Romany Angel said...

Heavens need to survive in March, it's your birthday. And while we're on celebrating (are we celebrating this year, the jury's out this end) a very Happy Anniversay to you on your 1st marriage. 30 years ago I was just breaking up with my first boyfriend....ah those were the days :)

SOUL: said...

are we supposed to say happy anniversary to a broken marriage?? if so, i am wayyy out of the loop. i had no idea.

hoping you can feel better today.

holler at me when ya get back on here.

you better get busy kickin that cold/sinus infection things' ass... you got stuff to do.
not sure what it is-- but i bet there's somethin--- like maybe breathin perhaps?

ok.. i must go--

Terri said...

love J.Geils Band!!