Thursday, February 05, 2009

UN no longer applies

I am now employed. I accepted a job last evening that I have wanted for the past couple of months---accounting, in a car dealership. It's a job that will be easy physically, and after a refresher course, one I can probably do in my sleep. I will not set the world on fire financially, but it will keep us alive. I am extremely happy ---right now, just to have a job is quite a feat when you look at what's happening all around us. I do not have a start date yet, there are extenuating circumstances the middle of this month is all I know, or it could be sooner. Thank you God!

No one has slept in this house for the past two nights, CrazyDog is creating all kinds of problems and it is TIME to do something about it. I understand Mark's reluctance completely, but this has got to stop. Is it possible for a dog to be manic? That's how she is acting...and that's even after we gave her the tranquilizers last night. She sees and hears things that are not there, growls continually, barks occasionally. She had a complete work up at the vet last week - there is NOTHING physically wrong with her. Her brain---on the other hand---is gone. She is old. It has to be handled, and soon---or she and Mark are going to be sleeping in the car.

Have a very happy Thursday!


SOUL: said...

poor chumster. :(

but yippeee for you!!

hope you have a good day today.

Mary said...

Happy to hear about the job - sorry that a long time pet is nearing the end.

Brad said...

Awesome news. It sounds like a perfect fit (ok, well duh...) But it a job that hopefully isn't going to wear on you phusically. I'm SO happy for you!

Now if I could just transfer my powers of sleep on to you. I can sleep through anything. I feel bad for Mark and Crazydog but you can't go on that way.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant news about the job but not so great about Crazy dog. You've done all you can Jamie and that's all you can do.

M Chickk said...

Sorry to hear about your doggie, but a big congrats about the new job!!

ac said...

Happy to hear you found something to do in the way of work that you won't mind doing and that won't be too hard on you. Yay! Sorry about crazy dog. I once had a dog that got so old her mind went. I know what you're going through. Not an easy situation. :( xxoxo ac

Cheryl said...

Yes!!!! I hope this is the one for you.

Amanda said...

I'm so happy to hear about the job. Sounds perfect!

So sorry about CD though.